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The Ghost Posts

Part One: Never Underestimate The Power of Fear That’s what the scientist bloke said on the Battersea Poltergeist podcast with Danny Robins. That was his response to pots and pans flying around a room (often smashing against walls) witnessed by many people. Mate, if you only knew! I’ve had a… Continue reading

Could You Just Keep Your Thoughts to yourself? – Part Two

Oh this is not good. How am I going to write a glowing review?! Really want her business to soar. I texted Hannah. “Bit random, but (how I start a lot of my messages) can I give you some vegan treats for your puppy and let me film it?” Continue reading

Artor Glass

“I’ve also a range of necklaces (one of many above) and I’ve discovered a love of making very tiny floral panels as I really enjoy the fiddliness of creating these minature gardens! Even on a cold and dark winter’s day they bring a little bit of sunshine indoors.” Continue reading

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