My Brain Injury And Me

Just My Imagination

I’ve started [really hope I haven’t been doing it all along] imagining I’ve said or done things that I haven’t. Nothing major (that I know of yet!) but it’s definitely been happening. One I can remember is recently I told Jo that I’d soaked some beetroot seeds overnight and then planted them. As I was telling her I could visualise the pot that I was putting them in and where it is now, at the end of the garden. Two days later I found the seeds still soaking on the windowsill. Nothing in the pot at the end of the garden.

(How boring is that?! Imagining you’ve planted seeds. 18yo me would be absolutely mortified. And 40 year old me to be honest. Its only since I’ve been getting funeral plans through the post this gardening thing happened! Jokes. It was COVID and hot weather. )

Can’t even blame it on the fact I did so many and got confused or mixed up because I didn’t, they were the only seeds I had! Ah well, it could be worse, what if I imagined I did something horrific? WHY WOULD I TYPE THAT?! Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it, change the subject!

Lost & Found & Lost Again

Every day, many, many times I lose things. I pick things up without knowing I’m doing it and put them down anywhere. Sometimes drop them and the fact I’ve dropped them won’t even register. Looking at you earphones! Although I did find them six days later this time. I bought a replacement pair from Sainsburys, tried to return them once my original pair reappeared but the man in Sainsburys said no. I tore a bit of the box. MY BAD

Ah well, I’ve got a spare pair for when they go missing again.

Was a bit fuming, not going to lie. But its going to give me the impetus to walk the extra 200 yards to Lidl so its all good. Yes Mr Sainsbury, I know you’re weeping reading this, sorry to see me go and all that, but every penny counts and now you’ll be a few less.

Still Lost

Currently MIA: 1 pair glasses, 1 Amazon Tablet – both seen some time last week.

Every time I leave the house I will get that ‘OMG I’VE LOST THEM!’ panic feeling for a good few seconds while I’m earnestly searching in my bag for keys/phone/earphones. Every single time I’m convinced they’re not in there until I see them. Then the wave of relief floods in. Every single day. Imagine how draining it is. I wish I could stop it, be rational, but so far this one is out my control. My brain hates me. Have I mentioned that before?!

I know what you’re thinking, why not keep everything in the same place then you’ll know where it is? I do try. But see paragraph above about not knowing I’m moving things and also I can’t have two thoughts at once. By that I mean if I’ve locked the door behind me and I’m walking off, wherever I’m dropping those keys in my bag is a mystery because my focus is on Bailey not pulling my arm off as he rushes past the car. He hates getting in it after that bloke did a cash for crash on me.

Speaking of which…

Cash for Crash

A friend of a friend told me last weekend that when the crash (tiny little bump) happened I should’ve called the police and watched how fast the fraudster drove off. Also I should have tracked him down to pay for my repairs. Why didn’t I think of that?! Next time.

Right, I’ve given myself a headache, time out, need to be in tip top condition for tonight. COME ON ENGLAND!

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  • Cat

    Hi Joy,
    It’s me Cat, or CJ@onlyonetime. Noticed you were missing on Twitter and it truly makes me sad to see that. I hope you can set another account up because I do miss you. Hope you’re doing alright too.

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