One Step Forward, Two Shaky Steps Back

Nothing new there you might say – and you’d be right

Where to begin. The water that spilt on my four month old laptop and killed it was probably the start and it all snowboarded downhill from there really. (I won’t bore you with all the details but lets just say I wouldn’t rush back to Currys anytime soon. Or ever.) Had awful customer service from somewhere else that week but lucky for them I’ve forgotten who it was, ha!

But instead of waking up every day thinking how am I going to get around this, there are new customers waiting for quotes, a queue of people waiting for blog review posts, and I’m missing vital online new business training sessions, I’ve been shuffling from garden to woods all day every day with that sick dread, block it all feeling, praying for a lottery win. So that’s been helpful and I must remember to buy a ticket one day.

5 weeks later I’m still laptopless. I want the exact me one I had (the cheapest!) and its currently out of stock. I’ve fired up my old Notebook to type this. There’s no memory left on it whatsoever and sometimes it will power up, sometimes it won’t. Oh, just like me!

No I can’t use the computer at library. I did (eventually) take the book back (shoved it through letterbox when it was dark and they were closed – smart) but Christ alive the fine was 60 something pounds! Because I forgot I had it. Sorry but I’m not paying out £60 every time I forget something. Which as you know is a very regular occurrence. Forgot where I was going with this. Moving on…

Everyone’s a Winner!

The Euro’s final!! How excited were you all day Sunday? I was beside myself. Could hear neighbor singing ‘Its Coming Home’ round about midday and I thought steady, don’t peak too soon, its going to be a long day. Then played it myself about four times in a row. Excited beyond belief.

But the penalty shoot out was heartbreaking. Awful. We didn’t deserve that. Cheats should never prosper. Yes I’m talking about you Italy, you diving shirt pullers. I really think that in Finals matches if its a draw after extra time they should be joint winners. I didn’t cry though. I said “JO! PUT SOME MUSIC ON!” because I was pissed on her Porn Star Martinis. Then danced around her living room until my taxi arrived 90 minutes late. Who needs sleep anyway?! I did. Replacing my meds with alcohol didn’t seem like such a good idea on the Monday morning…

That Monday Morning!

Not in the best of moods(!) I finally realised how miserable Twitter (a fake online thing) was making my (actual real) life. Every day the same old moans, misery and arguments, everything being taken out of context, scare story after scare story. The constant I’m right and you’re wrong. People you’ve conversed with for years blocking you because they read your tweet in their own voice. The constant guilt for me because I shouldn’t have tweeted that, delete delete! And on and on and on.

Deactivated my account. Life is too short. I’ve decided my boring nothingness tweets will be blogged only. Well that, and the fact I’d sent basically an “everybody STFU, no wonder you’re all depressed!” tweet and then felt really bad (aka the constant guilt).


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