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    Artor Glass

    "I've also a range of necklaces (one of many above) and I've discovered a love of making very tiny floral panels as I really enjoy the fiddliness of creating these minature gardens! Even on a cold and dark winter's day…

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    Just Visiting

    So after a few weeks' absence I took a peak and it turns out that news with the extra bits is what makes my head hurt.

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    Snuggles List No.3

    No. 3? I think, can’t remember. Snuggles List. Wish I’d never called them that. What a crap name for a series of blogposts. What am I, 12?! Ah well, at least it feels a bit more of a snuggly time…

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    Always In My Thoughts

    Isn't that weird? It is weird, it happens ALL the time. FB is LITERALLY in my thoughts. Got any theories? I'd love to hear them, please comment below!

  • Life,  My Week

    Moving On – Bye Twitter

    Thursday 1 Oct 2020 8am to 10.30am Alarm went off at 8am and yes, thankfully I’d remembered to set timer on coffee machine last night. Shame I fell back to sleep and woke up at 8.45am when Sophie brought one…

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