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Artor Glass

“I’ve also a range of necklaces (one of many above) and I’ve discovered a love of making very tiny floral panels as I really enjoy the fiddliness of creating these minature gardens! Even on a cold and dark winter’s day they bring a little bit of sunshine indoors.” Continue reading

Snuggles List No.3

No. 3? I think, can’t remember. Snuggles List. Wish I’d never called them that. What a crap name for a series of blogposts. What am I, 12?! Ah well, at least it feels a bit more of a snuggly time than it did in March when I published the first… Continue reading

Could You Just Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself?

I ask myself daily. I’m trying! Abandoned Twitter a good few weeks ago now but unfortunately the crime in question was committed about a week before, on Facebook. I was on a local page group and someone had added a post about vegan dog treats. There was a photo of… Continue reading

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