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    My Accident – Part 7

    As I tweeted last night, I'm going to put anything medical related here. Not funny enough for Twitter is it. And I don't want to be defined by all my ailments & current disabilities. But at the same time, people…

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 6

    I was alone in hospital room with no television and only my phone for company. So I tweeted. A lot. Too much. Reaching out for distraction to quell the constant anxiety. My head was (understandably) all over the place. This…

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 5

    My last day in hospital. A nurse came in to say she was going to miss me. And I smiled at her thinking 'have we met?' Said we'd look out for each other when next in Waitrose and have a…

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 4

    At some point into my hospital stay, possibly day 3, my darling daughter Sophie brought in some pyjamas. Now its not her fault that nanny buys me awful pyjamas every Christmas but there I was, being wheeled along to scans…

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    Easy, Cheap, One-handed Meals

    I mean yeah, it doesn't look like it came from the kitchen of a Michelin starred restaurant but it tasted good. Works out at 70p a head based on six servings.

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 3

    My employer, who told the Vet I was her best friend just 2 weeks earlier. Who I'd spent nearly every day with for the last 8 years. I used her phone to call the ambulance, she saw the state of…

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 2

    But at that point upon arrival at hospital I really wasn't thinking/worrying about my brain because I couldn't see it. My most pressing issue was my arm the size of Bluto's

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 1

    My eyes are stuck together and my head is pounding. What the hell? I stumble onto the bedroom floor and into the ensuite bathroom. Try to turn tap on with my right hand but something isn't right, can't grip a…

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