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My Accident

My Accident – Part 1
My eyes are stuck together and my head is pounding. What the hell? I stumble onto the bedroom floor and into the ensuite bathroom. Try to turn tap on with my right …
My Accident – Part 2
But at that point upon arrival at hospital I really wasn't thinking/worrying about my brain because I couldn't see it. My most pressing issue was my arm the size of Bluto's
My Accident – Part 3
My employer, who told the Vet I was her best friend just 2 weeks earlier. Who I'd spent nearly every day with for the last 8 years. I used her phone to …
My Accident – Part 4
At some point into my hospital stay, possibly day 3, my darling daughter Sophie brought in some pyjamas. Now its not her fault that nanny buys me awful pyjamas every Christmas but …
My Accident – Part 5
My last day in hospital. A nurse came in to say she was going to miss me. And I smiled at her thinking 'have we met?' Said we'd look out for each …
My Accident – Part 6
I was alone in hospital room with no television and only my phone for company. So I tweeted. A lot. Too much. Reaching out for distraction to quell the constant anxiety. My …
My Accident – Part 7
As I tweeted last night, I'm going to put anything medical related here. Not funny enough for Twitter is it. And I don't want to be defined by all my ailments & …
My Accident – Part 8
I'd sent a text to her daughter in law on my second night in hospital, about falling due to hole in stairs carpet. Admittedly when I sent the text still couldn't remember …
My Accident – Part 9
"But I won't!" "How do you know?!" "I don't know, but I won't! I promise I won't!" "But you don't know that!"
My Accident – Part 10
"There's a break, there's a bad break & then there's your break" At some point a hand surgeon said this to me. The metal pins screwed into the plate in my wrist …
My Accident – Part 11
It had been all systems go with my lawyer. Until she came to the house to take a witness statement from Sophie and to meet with the other side's insurers. After that, …
My Accident – Part 12
But one day when I walked in the living room there was an ivy vine growing through the wall. AND LD SAID I DID IT ON PURPOSE BEFORE THE INSURERS ARRIVED TO …
My Accident – Part 13
We never really know what's going on inside others' heads. The pain, the mental torture, the self-cruelty.
My Accident – Part 14
Its now 2017, over a year since accident and I'm back in doctor's office (my second home) telling him right wrist is still agony and can barely use right hand. Constantly swollen …
My Accident – Part 15
Last November I got a phone call from lawyer who had been passed my case from partner in the same firm. I had to go back to their offices twice for 3 …
My Accident – Part 16
I really enjoy and appreciate the small things in life now. One positive to take from all the negative. Always been a huge nature lover but feel even more spiritual these days.
The Ghost Posts: Interrupted
Anyway, at least it was my already damaged hand. Could've been worse, I didn't nearly die this time!

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