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My Accident – Part 8

I Forgot to Mention They Replaced the Stairs Carpet while I was in Hospital

I’d sent a text to her daughter in law on my second night in hospital, about falling due to hole in stairs carpet. Admittedly when I sent the text still couldn’t remember for sure, (concussion) but Charlotte (who I’d given my key to sort dog and gerbils out) had already taken photos & said it was so obvious from the way carpet hole at top was stuck up, where the blood was etc. And the fact she knew I was perfectly sober, capable etc. So in they (L & LD) went, replaced the carpet, destroyed the evidence. Within 10 days. They’d later say they did it because they thought it looked shabby. But didn’t bother changing the lounge carpet next to it which was threadbare.

[This blog is going to be full of random bits that I’ve remembered but will be in the wrong places(!). When I arrived home from hospital LD had left me a lemon drizzle cake. And I didn’t touch it because I was convinced it would be laced with poison so she could kill me. If you want to know how my mental state due to the way they’d been speaking to me was at that point! I say “they” L didn’t ring me once while I was in hospital. Her “best friend”. Gawd knows how they treat their enemies]

Charlotte also caught L snooping through my kitchen drawers. Yes she would have been looking for the shopping purse so she could use it to buy alcohol without LD knowing. Part of my job was to stop/prevent her drinking. I remember her in a blind panic once because LD was coming over and wanted to look in the cellar and she’d drank it dry. So off I went to Asda for a few bottles to replace it. Now I’m wondering if that was just a ruse to get her hands on even more. Probably. I caught her hiding bottles behind plant pots in the garden once.

I spoke to DIL about it once. What do I do. She said she disagreed with the ban but if she fell down the stairs it would be my fault. I know. Couldn’t make it up.

The night before I started working there she’d rang and asked if I could get her some co-codamol on the way in. Of course, only too glad to help. I arrived the next morning holding the tablets in my hand (I didn’t move in until they gave the current housekeeper an hour to pack her things and get out – should’ve been my first clue) and she comes out of the house to greet me like I’m a long lost friend. Weird. And then the current housekeeper came out with four dogs. L hissed at me “HIDE THEM!” so I put the co-codamol in my back pocket. The four dogs jumped all over me & as I bent down to return the loving, the housekeeper spotted them. She absolutely bellowed at L “YOU NAUGHTY WOMAN! I THOUGHT YOU WERE BEING GOOD!!”  L lowered her head, looking  like a naughty school kid, said nothing. The housekeeper then starts yelling at me “HER DAUGHTER WILL GO MAD IF YOU BUY HER ANY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL!” And can’t remember the rest. I do remember my eyes bristling with tears. Was only trying to help.

Did you know that if you take enough Imodium it gives you a small buzz from the opium? Found this out from pharmacist when I couldn’t work out why she was necking 4 packets at a time.

And they had the absolute nerve post accident to call me a drunk/druggie. How could I drink when she would ring me at 9.30pm at night to change a lightbulb? Or the time when I’d only been there 2 weeks and she rang after a WI day trip to collect her. I didn’t work evenings and Sophie was sick but she demanded I pick her up from the coach drop off point. So off I went with my crying (vomiting) child aged 5 in the back of the car. When I got there she was gone. Someone had given her lift but she didn’t bother telling me.

To be Continued…..

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