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Hi, I’m Joy. Three years ago I had an accident & survived a bleed on the brain, fractured skull, eye socket, cheekbone & right wrist. Which now has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Its a bit of a pain (harhar) and can only use it sparingly. This is important to say up front because if you read any parts of my blog with a puzzled look on your face then do bear this is mind!

I spent 10 months at the Head Injury Therapy unit (3 or 4 times a week) learning how brain has changed and how to handle it. Which I’ve totally forgotten. My frontal lobe took the hit affecting memory. I don’t process or retain new information. Think they call it learning disabilities. I call it a pain in the ass. Even if I write things down I instantly forget I’ve written them. The ADD doesn’t help.

Spent a good couple of years not handling it (the usual, severe depression as a result of brain trauma) but finally on top. Almost back! You can read parts 1 -16 of accident and its aftermath at ahwellnevermind.wordpress.com. But I didn’t have a clue about pages so they all run on as one long post and its quite a way to scroll to the beginning. Sorry!

I try to make light of my memory issues (coping mechanism) so feel free to join in. Here’s hoping I can fire off blogs without the reader doing too much head scratching!

If you click on my links as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases mentioned in this blog. (I made £1.67 once!)

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