About Me

Hi, I’m JC

I’m a parent to 18 year old Sophie and bitch to Bailey, our 13 year old black labrador. He’s very special (hard work!).

In 2016 I had an accident & survived a bleed on the brain, fractured my skull, eye socket, cheekbone & right wrist which left me with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Its a bit of a pain (harhar) and can only use it sparingly before its excruciating.

I spent 10 months at the Head Injury Therapy unit (3 or 4 times a week) learning how brain has changed and how to handle it. Which I’ve totally forgotten. My frontal lobe took the hit affecting memory. I don’t process or retain new information. Think they call it learning disabilities. I call it a pain in the ass. Even if I write things down I instantly forget I’ve written them. I’ve temporarily removed myself from Twitter because keep finding tweets that I’ve written but no recollection of sending them. The acquired ADD doesn’t help. Nor does the brain fog from Fibromyalgia.

To add to my ever increasing disability list, also have slipped neck discs, hypermobility syndrome, sciatica, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome which can’t be operated on because of the CRPS. I try not to write about these, mainly because “I’m in pain today” is boring. Instead I concentrate (hah! I try!) on how my brain injury affects me as there’s more comedic value there.

Spent a good couple of years not handling the aftermath of brain injury (severe anxiety and depression as a result of brain trauma, loss of job/home) but finally on top. Almost back.

Nature saved me. Singing alone in woods brought me slowly back to reality. Sometimes (if other people are around) I let the birds sing. Its my happy place, a 5 minute drive from home.

And Its not all doom and gloom. I can read books or watch films over and over and over like they’re brand new. Every cloud! Except I’ve only managed to get through about 5 books in 4 years because every time I put it down I forget everything and have to start from the beginning again.

Anyway, here’s hoping I can fire off blogs without you doing too much head scratching. I can be random and my logic is a little whoa sometimes, but ah well, never mind.

To the future!

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