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    Goodbye – Part 3

    But there is nothing even remotely funny about the situation. The last time we laughed was when I said "do you want his blanket?" "NO! It smells of WEE!"

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    Goodbye – Part 2

    Sorry, been staring at the walls for a couple of weeks (month). Where were we…oh yes Let Me Know When You’re Ready I took Bailey to the vet last summer for a check up. His heart and lungs sounded good…

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    Goodbye – Part 1

    Friday13th, Shortly after Noon “Wait, are you going to be alright if I stay an extra night at Dad’s? Shall I stay home, I don’t want you to be on your own”. “I’ll be fine love, you go. I’ll be…

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    Wheel less – Week 11 (Possibly!)

    Although, do you find when wearing ear phones you sing out loud involuntarily and only realise on the high screechy note but its too late, your neighbour would have heard it. Probably rang RSPCA thinking some animal was being strangled/mutilated.

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    Wheelless – Week 5

    My leaflets were ready, but was I? Only one way to find out. So off I trotted to Sainsburys. "Can I give you a..." "NO" "Hello, can I give you..." "NO THANK YOU!" "Would you like to..." NO!" I can't…

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    Wheelless Week 4 -Continued

    Forgot I was supposed to be faking it until making it! Disregard previous blogpost, really I'm flying high! Every day I'm winning! In my dreams. I have an upline who posts continuous holiday photos on Facebook and that's who I…

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    Wheelless – Week 4

    Along the way I was bitten by something and someone is going to have some lovely CCTV footage of me scratching my boob all up their front path.

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    Wheelless: Week 3

    Next thing the back door opens and a policewoman grabbed Sophie and threw her on the seat and they're still shouting and yelling and rocking! I was shaking, huge adrenalin rush. Remember when police used to HELP you find your…

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    Case Adjourned

    I jumped up NO! NO! IT'S TOO STRESSFUL! I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN!" and stormed/hobbled to the door, crying now, turned back and shouted "AND THAT'S WHY YOU DO THIS!" and walked out.

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    HELP! I Need Some Assistance Please

    First thing: Can we make this into something? Shall I collect addresses by DM of mothers in dire need? Can I give you a mother's details by DM and you donate a tin? Or send me the money and I'll…

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