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My Brain Injury And Me

How boring is that?! Imagining you’ve planted seeds. 18yo me would be absolutely mortified. And 40 year old me to be honest. Its only since I’ve been getting funeral plans through the post this gardening thing happened! Jokes. It was COVID and hot weather. Continue reading

The Ghost Posts – Part 5

The day we moved out (see My Accident: Part 1) I was sat in the kitchen, boxes piled high. One of the removal men was already freaking out because he thought he saw his mate go in the bathroom but there was no one there. And then he says: “Could do with some music” and LO the radio alarm clock three boxes down started playing. I KID YOU NOT! Continue reading

The Ghost Posts

Part One: Never Underestimate The Power of Fear That’s what the scientist bloke said on the Battersea Poltergeist podcast with Danny Robins. That was his response to pots and pans flying around a room (often smashing against walls) witnessed by many people. Mate, if you only knew! I’ve had a… Continue reading

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