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Wheel less – Week 11 (Possibly!)

The car without MOT is still on my drive. Make sure you turn the engine over every couple of days. Okay! I said. Did it a few times and then forgot until Sunday night and oh dear, flat battery.

But luckily, as my blogs will attest, I have a boring, painful life but brilliant friends. Honestly don’t know how I’d cope without them. Pen’s friend has jump leads, not a problem. Sort of brilliant but still don’t have the funds for the MOT yet.

Hasn’t been too bad, Pen or Mark giving me lifts (but hate asking) when I need dog food/heavy stuff, but I haven’t been to the woods for months and starting to feel it a bit now. Friends have offered to take me but the sole reason I go is for solitude. I walk 10 feet inside woods (from my ‘secret’ parking spot) throw camp chair down, head facing the sun. All I need to keep me happy and anger free. There’s been no mediating. No singing out loud at the top of my lungs. Although, do you find when wearing ear phones you sing out loud involuntarily and only realise on the high screechy note but its too late, your neighbour would have heard it. Probably rang RSPCA thinking some animal was being strangled/mutilated.

It is a bit depressing not being able to get up and go, stuck in the house, missing perfect sunsets, but good things come to those who wait right?

The PIP mobility hearing should be listed soon. My lawyer sent submissions yesterday and I’m quietly confident for the first time in years. Sophie’s witness statement brought a tear to my eye. I forget how hard it is for her sometimes.

Right, today’s task is de-fleaing Bailey/the house. As soon as meds kick in. First time in his 14 years he’s had them. Don’t ever skip your flea treatments, learn from my mistakes. Spent hours and hours combing him out. Think he’s clean as a whistle and then see one jump. I know, you WISH you were me!

Ah well, never mind, worse things happen at sea etc, I’ll keep you posted x

PS. I’ve disabled comments on here because spammers were a nightmare but if you want to comment/get in touch/give helpful advice(!) then you can email

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