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Dear Neighbours – I’m So Sorry! Again

It sounded like a good idea. But it was the “sound” bit I didn’t give much thought to.

Every Thursday morning at 10.30am I collect Lowan (friend Imogene’s 10 year old son) from his disabled horse riding lessons and take him to school. And for those 15 minutes driving along the Portway, marvelling at the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge, we play One Direction very loudly and sing our heads off. Might be the odd bit of air punching (when we’re stationary officer). He laughs and laughs. Loves it. Under no illusions here, its definitely the stupidity he loves and not my vocal talent but who cares, he enjoys it!

Lowan has Downs Syndrome and so the whole lockdown thing is a bit confusing for him. I said to Imogene yesterday why don’t I facetime him tomorrow at 11am and sing a few songs? He would love that! She said.

But I didn’t really consider my neighbours in this. The drive to school is mostly on a dual carriageway, no houses. My terraced house is in a very quiet area with many other houses.

At 11.15am I took Sophie’s CD player thing into my bedroom, rang Lowan, turned volume up to max and hit play.

First up “Best Song Ever”. Sadly I know all the words and was screaming it out, top of lungs stuff.

Next up “Story of My Life”. Now he loves this one because there’s a bit where it goes quiet and I turn the volume down and whisper sing it and then BLAST it out again and he shrieks with laughter.

What next? “What number do you want Lowan?” “Four!” Midnight Memories. Hardly know any of the words so I head banged and danced like an idiot instead. Forgot about my slipped discs. They’ll be some Tramadol haze happening today. Currently clock watching until I can take the next lot. Ah well, never mind, worth it!

Then I remembered my neighbours. I am SO sorry. I can hear you talking from across the road so gawd knows what that was like for you. Sophie said it was horrendous. Good job we’re on lockdown so that I don’t have to wear a balaclava when I nip Bailey out. I’d put a sorry note through all your letterboxes but given we’re in the middle of a pandemic, putting unnecessary paper through your doors right now probably wouldn’t be too welcome!

When this is all over I’ll make ‘sorry chocolate brownies’ for you.

Now, can you source some earplugs before 11am next Thursday?
Great, thanks!

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