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    Snuggles List No.2

    I say snuggles, its not really snuggles weather now is it. Way too sunny and warm for snuggling. When I wrote Snuggles No.1 we were in the middle of stormy weather. Ah well, never mind. How we all doing? Cabin…

  • Life,  My Week

    No Idea What Day It Is

    We seemed to have changed day names for numbers. Is it Lockdown Isolation? Day 12? 13? Who knows, no one cares. The nights are getting lighter but the lockdown looks like it could go on longer.

  • Reviews

    Art, by Carol Mapley -Updated

    "I do sketches and paintings working mostly in graphite or acrylics. I’ve dabbled in a huge range of creative projects from interior design, and jewellery making to sculpture and portraiture.

  • Reviews

    London, by Henry Jones

    My love of landscape is innate, equal to my need to paint, both occupy most of my time. I have travelled widely, filling sketchbooks on the way, being a believer that success is achieved through time spent with a particular…

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