• JC,  Sadie

    What JC Did Next – Part 2

    Well I shan't talk (bore) you through the whole thing [oh, hang on, I probably will!] but it wasn't until end of July that I was properly mobile again. The whole of March was spent in bed and most of…

  • JC,  Sadie

    What JC Did Next

    Its at this point I realise I probably shouldn't be exchanging cakes for money without this hygiene certificate. Its illegal. Oh. But I'd bought loads of cake ingredients in advance for this week that I couldn't afford.

  • Sadie

    What Sadie Did Next

    Well for starters I changed back into Joy. Wasn't too difficult as I'd never quite got to grips with being an alter-ego.

  • Sadie

    Sadie & Her Knickers – The End

    I'd look at the tweets of the woman who must be in her 60s, tweeting underwear (sometimes naked) full length shots and realise that's why the buyers will never be forthcoming. I couldn't put my face to it.

  • Life,  My Week

    Not The Best Way To Start Off The Week

    I'm an idiot. An idiot who shouldn't be engaged with until after at least two coffees or an hour after waking. Whichever comes first. I'm a lucid dreamer you see. Always have been but definitely so much worse since brain…

  • Sadie

    Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 12

    Wake at 5.50am feeling like death. That'll be the Fibromyalgia. Every day is like waking up with a hangover. Its why I rarely drink these days. But when I do I really appreciate it!

  • Sadie

    Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 11

    Forgot where I got up to. Oh yes, I was crying about underwear. Sent him a photo saying should I keep this one and he replied "Depends on the price" and I replied: "Not quite the answer I was looking…

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