Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 12

Sat 21 Jan

Wake at 5.50am feeling like death.

Get on with it woman! Bread rolls, cookies & meringues! Three orders to fulfil. Which am I going to start first? Shit, I didn’t do any timings! Why didn’t I think of that? Stupid bloody brain. I hate it. Was always so organised before I bashed it. Right, meringues need 90 mins! (1 hour to cook and 30 mins left in oven as they cool down). And don’t forget to factor in a trip to the post office to get the knickers sent off!

Arrive at last drop off for rolls and its at this point I realise I’d put a bottle of water in my bag & the lid must’ve been loose. Everything is wet, including the envelope (the knickers are fine, air sealed sandwich bag).

The ink has smudged and can’t see his address. Its now 12.15pm. They close in 15 minutes. I’ll have to post them on Monday. And spend the rest of the weekend anxious about it. 

Sun 22 Jan

Umm, I can’t walk. My legs are SO stiff. Had to come downstairs sideways.

Mon 23 Jan

I drag my legs to the post office. Special delivery please! ‘You know that costs £6.50?’ she says. Yes! Yes, that’s fine! And then she said ‘what is it?’ and without missing a beat I said handkerchief! And how I managed to get outside before laughing is anyone’s guess.  Belly laughing I tell you! Who would spend £6.50 on Special Delivery for a handkerchief?!

If I have to post any more I’m going to go to different post offices every time, mix it up a bit!


Time to get on Sadie’s twitter account. Actually tweet something and chase more followers. But how do I chose people that could be potential buyers? Oh its so grim. None of it is erotic. Haven’t missed it one bit. But feeling a bit more motivated and every penny counts when you need to find £900 in 24 hours.

Start clicking on random profiles to follow. First one’s bio says “secret account of a married man looking for the naughty side of twitter”. Why the need to say its a secret account? Wanker.

Tues 22 January

2 hours at the parents and my headache has a headache. Must focus.


Sadie’s having a sale! Fingers crossed etc. Because if nothing else sells then Sadie is leaving the building. One sale which didn’t quite cover the cost of membership which was £35 plus their 20% of a £20 sale (eye roll) and I spent £35 birthday money on some more. Because I am an idiot and thought I probably needed to risque it up a bit and that might be why its not selling.

Come on them bargain hunters! Oh. Yes literally if you must

To be Continued…/

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