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Could You Just Keep Your Thoughts to yourself? – Part Two

Oh this is not good. How am I going to write a glowing review?! Really want her business to soar. I texted Hannah. “Bit random, but (how I start a lot of my messages) can I give you some vegan treats for your puppy and let me film it?” Continue reading

Artor Glass

“I’ve also a range of necklaces (one of many above) and I’ve discovered a love of making very tiny floral panels as I really enjoy the fiddliness of creating these minature gardens! Even on a cold and dark winter’s day they bring a little bit of sunshine indoors.” Continue reading

The Last Stop on the Roads We Know

Secondly, remember that there is always a human element to conservation. People use this planet too and it is really important to make sure your efforts to protect wildlife aren’t putting individuals or communities at risk. For an example of a charity that handles this really well, I’d recommend looking at Living With Wildlife, which is a partnership between Send a Cow and Tusk. Continue reading

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