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What JC Did Next – Part 2

So much for a blog a day. 18 days since my last one. Shocking. Bit of stress and big time failure has been happening which I’ll put into a blog one day. When its not so raw. Anyway…March 2019…

Week 5

Pain from hell still down left hand side of body. From head, all across shoulders, under my armpit, throbbing elbow and numb/shooting pain in hand. My good hand. Still couldn’t move. Totally agonising. Nearly rang an ambulance twice. Thought of calling doc but he’d only say slipped discs or your Fibromyalgia. Which is shit really because every single pain I get its “that’s the Fibromyalgia”. Is it though? Or is this a convenient label you can attach to everything without further investigation?

Well I shan’t talk (bore) you through the whole thing [oh, hang on, I probably will!] but it wasn’t until end of July that I was properly mobile again. The whole of March was spent in bed and most of April. I’d managed a doctor’s visit (not my usual doc) on week 4 and he told me it was tennis elbow. WHAT?! Are you kidding? I had to lie on the bloody waiting room floor I was in that much pain! Tennis Elbow and Fibromyalgia he said. *eye roll*

I’m able to call my doctor my ‘usual doc’ because since March 2016 he’s been with me all the way since accident. I know, incredibly lucky. I saw him every week for the first year and if I didn’t go in he’d ring to check I was okay.

He just happened to be the first doctor I saw after I left hospital. I’d had an outpatients’ appointment at Bath Royal United Hospital and the consultant was saying something about seeing me before and I said Oh, have we met? When? And he said….I was your consultant here, I saw you every single day! You need to go to your GP and tell him you need an urgent neurosurgeon appointment, you must go today!

Well that’s what I’thought’ he said. But turns out he didn’t. And my poor Dr Sykes who I saw later that day probably needed a lie down after my appointment which lasted an hour.

To be Cont’d…/

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