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    Wheelless – Week 5

    My leaflets were ready, but was I? Only one way to find out. So off I trotted to Sainsburys. "Can I give you a..." "NO" "Hello, can I give you..." "NO THANK YOU!" "Would you like to..." NO!" I can't…

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    Wheelless – Week 4

    Along the way I was bitten by something and someone is going to have some lovely CCTV footage of me scratching my boob all up their front path.

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    Wheelless: Week 3

    Next thing the back door opens and a policewoman grabbed Sophie and threw her on the seat and they're still shouting and yelling and rocking! I was shaking, huge adrenalin rush. Remember when police used to HELP you find your…

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    Case Adjourned

    I jumped up NO! NO! IT'S TOO STRESSFUL! I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN!" and stormed/hobbled to the door, crying now, turned back and shouted "AND THAT'S WHY YOU DO THIS!" and walked out.

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    Art, by Carol Mapley -Updated

    "I do sketches and paintings working mostly in graphite or acrylics. I’ve dabbled in a huge range of creative projects from interior design, and jewellery making to sculpture and portraiture.

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    Easy, Cheap, One-handed Meals

    I mean yeah, it doesn't look like it came from the kitchen of a Michelin starred restaurant but it tasted good. Works out at 70p a head based on six servings.

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