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How Can It Be Sunday Again Already?!

Isolation: Day 5

Has your tea drinking gone up? Good job I had 3 boxes for my birthday. I mean, no I didn’t, there’s nothing worth stealing in my house…

Its what we do isn’t it. We are English, we will drink tea. Cure for all ills. Or stress. Or when you’re bored, ‘oooh what shall I do? I’ll put the kettle on’. Or when your stomach is eating itself with anxiety and you’re about to pass out with COVID-19 fear, kettle on.

All this self-isolation is no problem for me. I like being on my own. I don’t like every man and his dog now going to the woods because I can’t get a parking space. I need the solitude. Can you all go back to work now please?(!)

I went yesterday but couldn’t park again. Ended up having to park at the Webbs Heath end. The end I get lost in. There I was, remembering the blogpost I did last year about getting lost in the woods and how scary it was, and as I was thinking it I looked up and…yeah I’m lost.

All over again. Do not panic, do not panic, do not panic, your head will go blank and everything recognisable will be unrecognisable! Do not let Bailey lead the way because he doesn’t want to go home, the sun is in the west, listen out for cars so you can head towards a road. Could’ve murdered a cup of tea.

Pleased to report being lost only lasted 10 minutes. Then I had to plough through this

You can sort of make out the end of the walkway and thick muddy puddles a good 6 inches deep. I put my welly in, foot got stuck and twisted and at that precise moment Bailey (who was on the lead because of all the dogs and people around, get orf my land!) decided he wanted to go in the opposite direction. And this happened

But that doesn’t show how I SAT IN THE WET MUD! So I took this when I got back to the car. Which I must go and clean out…

Its been a weird few days of breaks and spillages. On Friday I was cleaning shower cubicle, fully clothed and the shower head decided that was an excellent time to break and drenched me head to toe.

Next up, planting seeds into pots yesterday. Only a few, mainly herbs with carrots, onions, potatoes and spring onions (again, DON’T BURGLE ME!). Lovely sunny day but really strong gusty winds. For the first time this year I got two loads of washing on the line. Then a freak gust of wind and its on the floor. Snapped in half at the bottom piece.

Okaaaay, I’ll make some fairy cakes. Half sultana for me, half of them chocolate chip for Sophie. And it was at this point I realised my oven isn’t heating up properly. Took about 45 mins to bake them. Should only take 20.

So that’s shower, washing line and oven to get fixed this week. Whilst we’re supposed to be on lockdown. Bloody yay!

Put the kettle on?

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