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    You Do You and I’ll Do Me!

    I watched a Netflix documentary called "The Social Dilemma" which explores the dangers of social networking through interviews with tech experts. Highly recommended viewing.

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    Everything is Changing

    I get anxious opening my website sometimes. I don’t know why, its ridiculous. I saw 7 comments awaiting approval and my instant reaction was oh my god, what have I said now?! The 7 comments were all Spam, thanks brain.…

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    Lockdown Bonuses

    I'll be honest with you, I'm a bit "chuck it in and hope for the best" but the pleasure from watching them grow is next level. I mean, WHO KNEW?! [Welcome to Old Age, Population: Me]

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    Snuggles List No.2

    I say snuggles, its not really snuggles weather now is it. Way too sunny and warm for snuggling. When I wrote Snuggles No.1 we were in the middle of stormy weather. Ah well, never mind. How we all doing? Cabin…

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    No Idea What Day It Is

    We seemed to have changed day names for numbers. Is it Lockdown Isolation? Day 12? 13? Who knows, no one cares. The nights are getting lighter but the lockdown looks like it could go on longer.

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