I said Hey! What’s Going On?!

Four Non Blondes (and me) belting out their classic song on the radio as I got in car and drove off.

And I did scream at the top of my lungs because it was so appropiate. I’d been to Betwetter land. Every single person in Sainsburys, Lidl & Poundland were masked. Except me. For a virus that has a 99. something percent survival rate, that most people don’t even know they’ve had.

This new variant ‘Omicron’ that was discovered in South Africa is played down by the South African Health Minister: “no need to panic (source), we’re only seeing mild symptoms”. How does our Governments react? MASK UP OR YOUR CHRISTMAS IS AT RISK YOU STUPID PLEBBY BASTARDS YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

And why am I screaming? Because you’re letting our Government know they can control you with fear. And when we’re all on digital passports with social credit scores like China, I will be blaming you. Absolutely I will be blaming you. For our loss of freedoms and gawd knows what else. Have your heard of Klaus Schwab? The World Economic Forum man? Talking about the Great Reset: “You will own nothing and be happy”. That’s fine for me, I’ve had a lot of practice. But to know my daughter will be restricted in movement boils my blood. This madness needs to stop.

You know its all about money, right? The banks and financiers have gambled all our money and lost. Hence the need for the reset. COVID is a convenient cover.

From the ONS website this morning:

The hospital admission rate of COVID-19-confirmed patients in England decreased to 6.49 per 100,000 people in the week ending 21 November 2021. Hospital admission rates decreased or remained similar across all English regions and age groups. population and community

6 people in 100k. Check out their Hospital Admissions. Most deaths are over 80.

What is this doing to everyone’s mental health? 6 people in every hospital but 740,000 missed cancer diagnoses. SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND. Doctors STILL not fully opening to public and you’re STILL carrying on with this COVID theatre.

In my cousin’s family of 8, only 2 of them caught it. The other 6 didn’t. Friend’s husband and daughter caught it but her and her son didn’t. Maybe its not quite as infectious as they would have you believe.

I’m very much on board with the social distancing. Don’t stand so close to me! But no one is going to tell me to stop seeing or hugging friends or family ever again. We all die one day. Lets make the most of the time we have. I’ve complied throughout, locked down for months, masked, disinfected, maintained a social distance. Enough now.

That absolute stain on humanity that is Boris Johnson and his band of crooked and corrupt charlatans will do whatever they want. So should we. By masking up yet again you’re helping them create a two tier society. “Look how compliant the plebs are!” Did anyone wear masks at Cop26? Did they fuck. Did Johnson wear one during his recent hospital PR exercise? Did he fuck.

Did you see the Teachers having a jolly good old bash the other night, all huddled together maskless. Then the very next day your children have to be masked up and sit breathing in their own bacteria all day. For a virus that doesn’t affect them. Really healthy that.

Whilst typing this I got a whatsapp from Sophie: Bus driver let me on. When I got on I thought I heard a woman say ‘unbelievable’ because I wasn’t wearing a mask. Thought I’d imagined it until she turned around and asked me why I wasn’t wearing one. Did you say mind your own business? Honestly wasn’t in the mood for an argument. She’s shaking her head at other people getting on without one. STOP THE MADNESS. Stop turning on each other.

For two days I’ve been worried about my previous blogs. Should I unpublish them? WHY do I have to share everything?! What’s wrong with me?! (Don’t answer that). Ah well, never mind I thought, in years to come when we’re under totalitarian rule (we pretty much are now, democracy is an illusion) I’ll be able to hold my head high, I did not comply once it was obvious we were being manipulated and lied to. Will you?

[Edit: When I re-read my blogs they make sense to me but I know its all jumbled up and written in the wrong places. This is how my brain injury, processing problems and ADD affects me so please bear in mind when you’re trying to make sense of the gibberish whilst wondering if I’m on drugs. Only Tramadol!]

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