You Do You and I’ll Do Me!

Is what I replied to a tweet. (A week ago now, but its still relevant). Really I wanted to say Ohhhhh FUCK OFF! but you know, manners. What am I waffling on about this time?

Get comfy.

The Social Dilemma

I watched a Netflix documentary called “The Social Dilemma” which explores the dangers of social networking through interviews with tech experts. Highly recommended viewing.

Discussing the messages of the film, former Twitter executive Jeff Seibert said: “What I want people to know is that every single action you take [online] is carefully monitored and recorded. Exactly what image you stop and look at, for how long you look at it.”


Can barely remember the programme (surprise!) but what I took away from it was that we are a product and I needed to mix my algorithms up a bit. Start clicking on things and people that I wouldn’t usually. Need to change my profile from a left wing (only for Corbyn, never Starmer the Tory stooge) Remainer to…well I don’t know. I’m politically homeless. All I knew was I needed to start clicking on stuff I wouldn’t usually. So I did. And started to enjoy it. The lack of name calling and perceived intellectual superiority was a breath of fresh air. But unfortunately my Twitter echo chamber hasn’t been enjoying it.

It started with someone I really liked. I posted something COVID related (what else) and was instantly told “Do you know this person thinks blah, is aligned with blah and follows blah?” No. Neither do I care. I don’t have time to check everyone’s timeline before retweeting. Do you? Obviously she did. And it really narked me. I don’t tell anyone what to say, think or tweet. Why would I? Who made you God the Almighty, keeper of all knowledge, guardian of the wrong opinionated people? If you don’t like my tweets, unfollow. You choose who you follow, you don’t get to choose the content. So I blocked her.

Facts & Figures

I’ve retweeted from the ONS, VAERS, BMJ or Government website. ‘No! That person retweeting it is a Conspiracy theorist and Brexiteer!’ And? What’s your point? Every conspiracy I’ve read in the last 18 months has/is coming true. All Brexiteers are wrong uns? Admittedly I did think that at one point, but something strange happened about a year ago after watching ‘The Social Dilemma’ when I started mixing it up a bit, following people outside my echo chamber. (I do still believe we have more bargaining power as a block and I’m still sad we left the EU. Mostly because we have clowns trying to make trade deals. 20p off a bottle of Australian wine? Life changer that, cheers).

I’m told doctors and experts I retweet are false because they’re friends with Robert Kennedy Jr. I shit you not. Again, AND?!!

Have I been radicalised? Who knows?! But I’m enjoying it.

Made the fatal mistake of tweeting link to yesterday’s blog and the you’re wrong and I’m right started instantly. I need to make something clear. My blogs are my thoughts. I don’t expect you to agree with everything (or anything) I write. I don’t care what your views are, we’re all entitled to our own. I do talk shit 90% of the time (copyright an ex friend). I’m not an expert in anything except my own gut instinct. These blogs are MY thoughts, history and diary entries. I don’t want to convince anyone of anything.

The people who may have been suckered in to the Covid Cult can’t cope with anything outside their narrative.

But I won’t be censored.

Except on Twitter because now everything I tweet gets analysed and rebutted so its time to bin that addiction. (How many times have I said this haha!), I’m beyond shocked that people who were always so anti-government are the ones turning rabid and welcoming further restrictions and lockdown.

Don’t even get me started on COP26 and how thousands travelled here from all over the world, huddled together, maskless. But we have to wear them. New variant? Well I can’t imagine how that one got in, can you?

Did you see the video of the ‘TV doctor’ at the beginning of the pandemic explaining how masks are useless? Bet he’s on Epstein’s flight logs… What?! That’s my gut instinct again.

Get The Jab

Get the jab get the jab get the jab! Why? I reckon a lot of people are angry because they got suckered in. Switzerland just extended the period where post infection immunity is solid proof of immunity from 6 months to a year. They recognise the obvious fact that natural immunity is stronger and longer lasting than that provided by vaccines. But YOU must get the jab and millions of boosters! Because we say so!

Your jab protects you. It doesn’t prevent transmission. It doesn’t even work that well, lets be honest. They’re not even traditional vaccines. The inventor of the mRNA vaccines (Robert W Malone, MD) is horrified but apparently he’s a wrong un as well, friends with the wrong people and ‘he’s bitter‘ ?!

So many vaccinated have died. But it prevents serious illness! Are you 100% sure about that because the figures aren’t adding up. Look at Israel and Gibraltar. All vaccinated, numbers rocketing. And that’s the other thing – stop test healthy people! Its purely to make us all cower in fear. Well, I can’t be bothered being scared any more, I’m here for a good time, not a long time.

Come back to me after spending 5 years dealing with the DWP and then tell me how much our Government really loves us & cares about our wellbeing. Well they might love you if you’re got dosh to throw at them but the rest of us are shit on their shoes.

Ah well, never mind, one day it will all be over. In the meantime I wish you good health and pray we’ll return to normal life soon. x

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