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What JC Did Next – Part 6

3 November, 2019
New Blog, who dis?

This is where it starts getting really confusing. I must’ve tweeted something about not having the slightest clue of where to start and how to get this website up and running. Someone I followed for a while, who seemed a decent sort, got into my DMs and said they could help. Wow. Could not believe my luck. First someone gives me the website, then someone offers to build it. Things are finally looking up!

I was over the moon, but nervous. The first thing he asked was have you done a CPanel installation of WordPress or did you do it yourself through FTP software such as Filezilla? Um sorry, what?

And then began many questions by him and many, MANY ‘sorry, what?’s from me.

He said he had 15 years experience with hosting and WordPress and owns a hosting company (a what?), it is relatively simple, he said, what don’t you like about it and what do you wish it was doing differently, can I have your login details. And without a second thought I gave them to him.

A while later he asked what I wanted to achieve.

Yeah I know, messy handwriting, clean knickers. Or disability or something.

Well its basic you might think, not asking for too much. I’d already written about 18 blogs that were all out of sequence, zero images, awful font, not exactly eye catching. And as you can see from my ‘Who added this? Where is button?’, he was going to need the patience of a saint.

To Be Cont’d…/

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