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What JC Did Next – Part 7

Did I Mention I have Learning Difficulties?

I mean no one has told me, but Head Injury Therapy Unit Report says I have ADD, cognitive issues (eh?), below average comprehension (aaah!) and I don’t process and retain new information. I guess that is learning difficulties if nothing stays in. All I know is I get confused a lot, don’t remember anything & get distracted every other second.

To give you an example of what crappy brain power I’m dealing with here: before I write a new blog I re-read previous blog to make sure I’m not repeating myself. By the time I start writing the new blog I’ve forgotten most of previous blog, I imagine things I’ve written which I haven’t and….repeat myself. A lot.

Dearest reader, I know these blogs are jumpy but thank you for your patience.

How lovely for the kind tweeter who’d offered to help build my website though eh?! Poor bloke.

It sort of went like this:

Blah blah blah blah?
I don’t know
Blah blah blah blah blah?
I don’t know, what does that mean?
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah?!
Um, I don’t know.

My anxiety started visiting again. Couldn’t remember if I’d told him I’d had a brain injury, that he needs to explain things to me like you would a 5 year old, my comprehension is a bit shit & I get brain fatigued very easily. Guessing I didn’t.

Many DMs followed. I got anxious every time they appeared. Finally answered his questions and sorted out what I wanted. Nothing too snazzy, a space to write, to have menu/categories, to be able to insert my Amazon Affiliate links & to carry the odd advert. Like this one, perfect for Valentine’s Day lads

And he said:

‘This is all simple. A bit time consuming but not complex at all. I think in all, it’ll take 15-18 hours which is no big deal. I’ll spread it out over a week.’

No big deal?! No, I can’t take up that much of your time! I said. Spread it out over four weeks. There’s no urgency. You’re a very kind man. I’d already told him I could only pay in cake (my currency these days) and he said he didn’t want any payment, only wanted to help.

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day was it…

To Be Cont’d…/

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