Someone Tweeted My Brain Injury Was Cute And Asked if It Would Get Better

I know, right? My bottom jaw was pretty much on the floor. Cute. Going to the shops for two specific items, coming back with two different items is cute. Bloody CUTE?!

I told Sophie and she got really upset. Given that she puts up with a lot as a result of my mixed brain wires, it impacts her daily, she’s allowed. “CUTE?! WHAT THE?! I want to find him, smash his head into a wall and say aww will it get better? But its kind of cute!” She would’nt really. She’s a gentle soul.

*record scratch* REWIND

‘Went out for ibuprofen and tissues. Came back with noodles and milk. #standard’. I tweeted. Pointing out yet again how I wear myself out as in: I’m walking around the shops wiping my nose with toilet roll, ill, my nose is sore. The sole purpose of leaving the house was so I could buy some softer, kinder to my nose tissues and I FORGOT.

Oh hang on, need to REWIND to the day before that…

I’d replied to one of Pops’ tweets and a bloke jumps on, says he thinks I’m gorgeous, I replied please don’t be fooled by the filters and then he said something about natural beauty shining through. Well. As soon as I’d read his first tweet, I instantly went into shutdown. Clammed up. Get that drawbridge up quick haste. Ugh. Now he’s asking her to give him my number and no. Just no.

Not really used to being complimented. Grew up being called Plain Jane by mother. That was her nickname for me. “You’ll grow up to be a lonely old spinster!” she’d screech. Ahhh memories.

He’s giving me a false compliment but it doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t really think I’m gorgeous! He wants a reaction. So he got one. “I bet you say that to all the girls”.

He slid into my DMs calling me a fair maiden. I KNOW. From one tiny filtered picture on the net?

I’m a bit scared that someone thinks they can engage me in mind games and attack my vulnerabilities. I’m too trusting and open and even more so since accident. There’s some right weirdos on the double ya double ya double ya (sorry). And you know where I’m at with the brain malfunctions, I feel like a sitting duck.

But you’re wasting your time. Stand well clear. I know that I’m an emotional nutjob now, but it is making me up my self protection/preservation levels. So jog on chancers, be gone.

Totally rational behaviour/response from me right?(!)
Of course its not, but I get brain fatigue from thinking too much and can’t be bothered to rationalise it.

He then follows me.

*record scratch* Back to yesterday.

After I tweeted ‘Went out for ibuprofen and tissues. Came back with noodles and milk. #standard’ he tweeted me this: “How does that even work? What’s on your mind young lady?”

Oh boy. We got a live one here.

I replied saying I’d had a brain injury and one of the many effects is that it affects my short term memory. To which he replied “Are you being serious or pulling my leg? Its sad but cute too. Wait great for dating unless your going steady lol”

Am I being serious? Am I pulling his fucking leg? WHO would make up such a shit story! ITS CUTE?!!

To be Cont’d…/

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