My “Cute” Brain Injury

Concluding Part to previous blog “The One When Someone Told Me My Brain Injury was Cute”

I remember now why I forgot the tissues and ibuprofen the other day. An elderly lady approached, said she’d forgotten her glasses and could I read the age on some baby clothes. Totally shoved it in my face. I said sorry, I’ve forgotten my glasses as well, can barely see. She might’ve been deaf because she didn’t hear and still had it right in my face, about an inch from my nose. So I said 6 to 8 months. I think. Okay, she said and shoved another one in my face. Again, I guessed.

Carried on browsing and then a girl who’s not been the nicest to Sophie (my daughter) approached. The first thing she said was “are you okay? You look really ill.” Yes, I am ill, thank you. Then she started talking for ages, telling me she’s on the verge of being kicked out of college and she was thinking of popping round to speak to Sophie to sort things out. I said probably best not to right now. [And glad I did because I’d forgotten what it was all about and Sophie reminded me when I got home.]

Finally break off the conversation because I genuinely am ill and felt like death, went straight over to the make up aisle and rubbed a tester blusher onto both cheeks (yeah you’ve done it!) and the same woman without her glasses approached me AGAIN and asked me to read out price tags. Again, I told her I can’t see but AGAIN she’s shoving stuff inches from my nose. So I guessed again and left the store.

And that’s how I forgot the two things I went to the shops for. That’s how my brain injury affects me. Takes nothing for me to lose my thoughts and concentration.

Right, back to the cute injury. “Are you being serious or pulling my leg? He said. I replied with the llama GIF doing a “what the fuck?” slow head turn. He tweets again: “the memory loss, I was asking if its true? If it is, its kinda cute was what I meant. I do need to make more sense with my tweets”. You and me both, mate! Its usually me asking these dumb ass questions or putting my foot in it, but I’ve got an excuse. I wish I was joking, I replied.

His next tweet was an absolute corker: “In that case I’m sorry for mocking your illness or offending you if I have. It must be tough Any chance it will get better?”

I wanted to reply with “I’m not sure brain regeneration is a thing here on earth”. Yet. Or “Nope, this is the best it will be. I get brain fatigue from talking to morons so do you mind hopping along?”

But instead I did something worse. I ignored him. He liked a few of my tweets the next day and then I blocked him. Because I am an absolute idiot who can no longer function properly and I only want to be around people who know what they’re dealing with. My wavelength is a weird frequency these days.

Now I’ve spent 24 hours feeling bad. Don’t know even know the bloke, no followers in common, probably hasn’t given me a second thought. But I feel bad for being weird. It was only a compliment! Mountain out of a molehill. But try telling my flight or fight brain that.

Probably best not to tell someone their brain injury (which may wear them out 24/7 both physically and mentally) is cute. I’m not forgetting things because I’m ditsy. Well, not anymore!

Guess I should put something in my twitter bio, its not his fault he didn’t know. But I don’t want my disabilities to define me. And not sure they’ll all fit(!).

I know! I’ll do a pinned tweet: “No compliments please, I’m old & British!”


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