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The Ghost Posts: Interrupted

Story interrupted

I was about to get to the dark unbelievable stuff that happened at a house in Stamford Hill. “Did you meet John? He’s into black magic” AND THEN on Wednesday I fell downstairs. Again. I KNOW! Only slipped about 3 down near the bottom but my right hand went out (CRPS riddled bad one – luckily) and somehow managed to pull thumb right back. I’ve ruptured a big ligament that connects thumb to finger. Surgeon did say the technical stuff but you know, *points to brain* not a lot went in.

Talk About Bad Timing! Was just getting going!

I’m taking it as a sign something doesn’t want me to tell this story but still going to! Hardcore. But right hand is in cast and its taken me about half an hour to type this! Need to rest & keep it up. If it doesn’t heal in six weeks its surgery so pray for me please?! Thank you

Oh I found out yesterday I’ve got some serious arthritis in right wrist now as a result of previous accident. That gift never stops giving.

Anyway, at least it was my already damaged hand. Could’ve been worse, I didn’t nearly die this time!

March 2016 v March 2021

Same nail varnish! Talk about a style rut. Shall be rectifying that.

I’ll finish Ghost/demon stuff soon. Remind me?! x

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