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Well That Was A Mad Old Day!

I love it when you can trace things back to how they came to be. So here’s why my website traffic went through the roof yesterday…

I always worried that Twitter would be my downfall. That I’d say the wrong thing to the wrong person. It happened years ago – a misjudged tweet to Professor Green. He’d said something about how well he was doing and the rest of us should enjoy our sad little lives so I said…”says the poor man’s Eminem”. Whoops.

It all went a bit mad from there. He encouraged a huge pile on, got called all the names under the sun, death threats. So I blogged about it. 40K views! Colleen Nolan retweeting it and Ricky Gervais (Green’s second cousin) subtweeting me were the highlights. Hilarious.

On the back of that I got lots of lovely new Twitter followers and one of them was Finn. A great guy who lives in Northern Ireland and we became phone mates. And through Finn, his old school friend Johnny followed me. Then many years later (about a month ago) I got a message from Johnny (a BBC producer) asking if I’d like to write a money matters blog on the BBC Business page. Wow.

And here we are. Not so much a downfall as a win fall! Yesterday was nuts! So many comments and posts everywhere to reply to.

I was so scared revealing such personal information (which you wouldn’t believe if you followed me on Twitter! @ahwellnevermind) To some extent my Twitter is almost an echo-chamber. We follow people with roughly the same life outlook don’t we. The odd wrong un slips in every now and then but there’s a handy block key. But it was putting Sophie under the spotlight that was giving me the nerves. So far, so good.

I had the most lovely comments and compliments from so many people yesterday and its still going on today so please don’t think I’m being rude if I don’t reply straight away.

Lots of people have asked if they can help and I genuinely am a bit loathe to accept charity. Had help with rent before (when they wanted 6 and 3 months in advance!) and the shame still burns. I try and block it as much as possible and try to forget it happened.

But if you’d like to buy me a coffee (and I mean a coffee) then Unless my MOT fails and then I’ll get back to you! I’m joking! I’ve taken off the buy me a coffee app because they take a cut. That dumb I didn’t realise.

We don’t need anything unless you’ve got a dog friendly holiday home somewhere(!). I am a simple soul these days and can’t tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to take pleasure from free things. That’s The Secret. Sophie, Bailey, sunsets, woods, beaches, all of it. I never say this word(!) but I’m blessed to be in this headspace now. Lost 2 years of my life in the darkest depression and the fact I can lift my mood with going to the woods now is a gift I don’t take for granted.

The only thing I really want is a cheaper roof over our heads. But don’t we all?!

The best outcome for me would be if you enjoy, follow & share my blogs.

Alternatively, hit me up if you’d like such cheaper utilities. I love signing people up – their happiness when I tell them their monthly direct debits are going down is amazing. I just find it hard to talk to people/make the appointments in the first place. No one wants to talk about utilities do they? Its boring! Have a look here Join The Club. If you sign up before 15 March there’s £100 credit on your bill in 12 months time on top of all the other savings.

And if you’d like to make some money whilst saving your friends some, have a click here

Right, its definitely park time now. Speak soon! x

PS. when the therapy stopped I read this book “How To Survive The End of The World When Its All In Your Head“. I’ve followed the author on twitter for years (@TechnicallyRon). Highly recommend if you’re a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Its a funny book and will make you smile. And when you’re in the darkest depths, anxiety is off the scale but you still manage a chuckle, then you might for a fleeting moment remember what that felt like. And you might want it again.

Even if you don’t chuckle (what are you, made of stone?!) then it might make you feel less weird. That you’re not alone. There’s a lot more of us weirdos than you’d think!

Its a great read.

If you purchase through any of my Amazon links then I may make a tiny commission at no extra cost to you

PPS. Dog walk done. Hope he doesn’t want to go out again because I’ve showered, PJ’d and intend to spend the rest of the day eating biscuits in bed. Cos I’m worth it pet. Also because knackered 🙂

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