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    Wheelless – Week 5

    My leaflets were ready, but was I? Only one way to find out. So off I trotted to Sainsburys. "Can I give you a..." "NO" "Hello, can I give you..." "NO THANK YOU!" "Would you like to..." NO!" I can't…

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    Wheelless Week 4 -Continued

    Forgot I was supposed to be faking it until making it! Disregard previous blogpost, really I'm flying high! Every day I'm winning! In my dreams. I have an upline who posts continuous holiday photos on Facebook and that's who I…

  • Life,  My Week

    Wheelless – Week 4

    Along the way I was bitten by something and someone is going to have some lovely CCTV footage of me scratching my boob all up their front path.

  • Life,  My Week

    Wheelless: Week 3

    Next thing the back door opens and a policewoman grabbed Sophie and threw her on the seat and they're still shouting and yelling and rocking! I was shaking, huge adrenalin rush. Remember when police used to HELP you find your…

  • JC,  Sadie

    What JC Did Next – Part 5

    And then the panic set in. What the hell dude?! Now I've been gifted a website I actually have to write stuff. Instantly feeling indebted to him. Must let him know he made a good choice gifting it to me…

  • JC,  Sadie

    What JC Did Next – Part 4

    Now where was I before Part 3 - oh yes, the pain. After not being able to move/bake anything for four months I realised a baker's life maybe wasn't to be. I had the enthusiasm and love of baking but…

  • Life

    Its Absolute Gobbledygook

    I chose an Ad plugin for this site the other day. Picked the one at the top of the list with 5/5 stars, that’ll do. Open it up and ….not a word mate, can’t understand a word of it. Codes…

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