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Oh Blogpost,Wherefore Art Thou?

Scared of My Own Website (again)

Its not that I get writer’s block, its more website block. Don’t open it! Why not? I don’t know!

Every time I thought of opening site, I got The Fear. Its annoying because the week before last I was on fire, all systems go etc, plates a juggling. I was telling myself “remember to be happy! Happy attracts happy!” but so much stuff to be worried about (looking at you Coronavirus) on top of The (unexplained) Fear.

Is it the fear of not having anything else to write about or no-one wanting to read it. What if I’m a one blog pony with the 15 parts of ‘My Accident’. 15 part pony. Hang on, was it 16? Erm…

There I was every day too scared to open/look at my site (website block), therefore I can’t write because I’m not looking at it. I have’t got time again today so I’ll do it tomorrow. Every single day. I know how daft it all sounds. But anxiety is as anxiety does and sometimes it over powers me. If we found a rhyme or reason to anxiety we’d all be masters of the universe. No fear.

Anyway, I’m here now. Lets get on with it before the fear strikes again. Almost always at inconvenient times when you least expect it isn’t it.

Open up. Log in. Check Statistics and people are still finding/reading this blog with no help from me?! Excellent. Ads? Whoa! I’ve now made over £8. That might be loose change to you but bloody hell! Earning money from writing! Sort of. There’s no rule that says it has to be a certain amount and be for your actual words and not an ad… ummm…earnings is earnings! And its more than Sadie & Her Knickers ever earned for me. Yes, I’m currently winning at my lifelong dream, my chosen life. Don’t care if I make not a penny more, because finally, finally I did something post-accident that turned a profit! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, God loves a trier and all that.

Now I’m trying to think of things that have happened this past week to share, but truth be told it was a quiet affair. Banging headache and pain week, lot of resting. Apart from Bailey’s vet visit (which I forgot last Monday and they squeezed me in for Thursday – thanks brain) when straight after telling me he was in great shape she put an age on when he would die and I didn’t even ask her. Why would she do that?! Would’ve tutted if I wasn’t swallowing a lump.

Few other things happened last week but they’re not my business to share. I’ve directed friends and family to this blog so I can’t write about them now. I’ve cut my material in half. What an idiot! Rookie error! Ah well, can’t remember most of the week so their secrets continue to be safe with me.

Right, tomorrow I’ll do a proper blog about snuggle/survival kits. Sure loads of things will pop into my head by the morning and they’ll be clever and funny and if I say this enough someone reading this might be hypnotised into believing it. Stranger things have happened.

Please come back again tomorrow. Getting back on the horse. Thanks for clicking the ads! x

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