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Deleted earlier blog today which related to the two I unpublished a few weeks ago. Still didn’t get the right words on the screen. Yes, I loved the numbers on them but my skin isn’t thick enough and I don’t have the mental capacity to cope with controversy.

So back to my basic blogs I go!

Garden is starting to look a bit messy. What’s left of the cauliflowers is mouldy (spotted a rat the other day), the tomato plant has stopped fruiting, no more cucumbers, the lettuce is doing some right weird growing thing (are they supposed to do that?!), the kale seems to be coming near its end, its leaves turning yellow and the carrots and spring onions have been harvested.

All that’s left are some potatoes and shallots. And lot of pots with compost and bits of roots in. I feel a bit bereft. Most of my babies have gone. Maybe its because I stopped singing and talking to them. Maybe its to do with their natural lives. I’d know if I actually googled anything.

But it has been fun this way. Not one iota of research did I do. I’d read the back of seeds packet, instantly forget, read it again, instantly forget, swear and chuck the lot in a pot. Only later realising they need their own space and depth. I’ll remember that next year. Hopefully!

Along the way I’ve had brilliant advice from the professionals @ohdogoaway and @the_trug_and_lettuce. Thank you so much for the knowledge and reassurance when I panicked. I’m definitely going to do a lot of research before next season and learn from my mistakes (if I remember them!)

The other night, dinner was potato salad (made with parsley from garden), yellow tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, little gems and oak leaf lettuce (all from garden), yellow pepper, beetroot and smoked mackeral. I have potatoes and peppers currently growing, forgot beetroot this year but will definitely do next, so all I need to do now is learn how to fish and I can be self-sufficient! AKA The Dream. Call me Barbara! Ask your dad. Or granddad.

I’d post a photo of it but its a bit pathetic looking. No, wait! This isn’t Instagram – I don’t need to feel shame about my basic photos!

I can’t be arsed with filters. Just know that none of my photos have filters. Except my Twitter avi because I WISH I looked like that and you’ve got to have dreams. Or money for plastic surgery.

Right, can’t stare at the garden any longer, its making me a bit sad! Need a garden visit pronto to see what I can grow next.

In the meantime, its the anniversary of my friend @RestartCarl’s first ever film, so going to watch that. Its only 17 mins. I did watch it last year but not retaining or processing new information means I can watch things over and over. Every cloud!

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