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    My Brain Injury And Me

    How boring is that?! Imagining you've planted seeds. 18yo me would be absolutely mortified. And 40 year old me to be honest. Its only since I've been getting funeral plans through the post this gardening thing happened! Jokes. It was…

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    Lockdown Life

    I miss my nephew. Have I mentioned that?(!) He’s going to be three in April and I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2019 when he was one. How’s he going to know I’m his favourite aunty if I never see…

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    I can't be arsed with filters. Just know that none of my photos have filters. Except my Twitter avi because I WISH I looked like that and you've got to have dreams. Or money for plastic surgery.

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    Everything is Changing

    I get anxious opening my website sometimes. I don’t know why, its ridiculous. I saw 7 comments awaiting approval and my instant reaction was oh my god, what have I said now?! The 7 comments were all Spam, thanks brain.…

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    Lockdown Bonuses

    I'll be honest with you, I'm a bit "chuck it in and hope for the best" but the pleasure from watching them grow is next level. I mean, WHO KNEW?! [Welcome to Old Age, Population: Me]

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