Lockdown Bonuses

Weird Heading?!

There are some bonuses to this COVID-19 lockdown/guarantine. There are. As long as your standards are pretty low to start with(!) and appreciate the little things. Or find pleasure in things you do differently now. Lets find them and share them. I’ll start.

Well first up, lounging around in your PJs/ underwear/make up free, binge watching box sets on Netflix all day is a Lockdown Bonus. Although to be fair, the novelty of this one is definitely wearing off. “Did I shower yesterday? Can’t remember”. Its only when I reach to grab something and get a whiff of my underarm and its “no, don’t think I did”.

Not saying I’m reveling in this slovenliness but I’ve been chucking on jogging pants for dog walk and changing back to into PJs on my return.

But the days I do get up early, shower and get the laptop open feel special. And something I should really do more often. Might even set my alarm tonight. I set it for 7.30am yesterday. 7.30am on a Sunday morning. Of course I hit snooze and then turned it off.

I’m going to write up a schedule for this week. Who am I kidding, been meaning to do it for a month already!

I’ve asked for your Netflix/Prime recommendations and will post as soon as I’ve pulled them all together. Feel free to share yours in the comments blow for inclusion.


Like a lot (huge amount) of people, I’ve bought a couple of brightly coloured plants and I’m trying to grow some veg in pots.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a bit “chuck it in and hope for the best” but the pleasure from watching them grow is next level. I mean, WHO KNEW?! [Welcome to Old Age, Population: Me]

I’m happy pottering around with a water can, tucking them in at night with netting, saying “goodnight, sleep well my beauties!” (it’s alright the neighbours already know I’m mental) whilst bringing my tomato, parsley and pepper plants in. Bought them as plug plants (I’m learning new words – Lockdown Bonus!) and they’ve growing well but taking no chances. They have to come in and stay warm for the night.

The very lovely @Ohdogoaway is my go to gardening expert on Twitter. Without even asking if he was up for the task, he’s now my “my radishes are limp, what can I do?!” gardening source of all information. I do follow a few gardeners on Twitter but I know how daft my questions sound and Ohdogaway knows my issues!

The lovely Ida at Frome.Fm (Saturdays 9am to 12pm) has a gardening slot with Trug and Lettuce at roughly 11am. Found myself saying oooh and aaaah a couple of times. Worth tuning in for.

Didn’t really think about how much I was planting and harvest times (or anything!), so there may be a time in the future that I’m drowning in shallots. Can you pickle shallots? That’s this year’s Christmas presents sorted. See! LOCKDOWN BONUS!

The Deliveries

Oh the beautiful deliveries. If you can get them. Lost count of the times I’ve purposely tried to stay awake until midnight to get an Asda delivery and fallen asleep with 10 minutes to go. Or started reading something then realise its 12.20am and too late, the slots are gone. Don’t even like Asda.

But if lockdown ever ends and people start shopping again then I’m going to have ALL their delivery supermarket slots. Why have I not been doing this before?! LOCKDOWN BONUS!

I’ve discovered a local bakery (Cottage Bakery) that delivers farm fresh milk and eggs, bread (yes, really!), hot pasties, bread flour and fresh yeast. What an absolute revelation fresh yeast is. Not sure if I’m putting too much in, but wow, half the proving time and huge, soft bread. LOCKDOWN BONUS!

Realising We Don’t Need ‘Things’

We really don’t. Think about one thing you would absolutely love right now but can’t. All I want is to hug my recently turned 2 years old nephew. My brother has been good whats-apping videos and photos of him. My sister-in-law is in charge of a COVID ward. Yes I’ve been praying.

I knew I was lucky anyway but couldn’t have picked a better lockdown buddy than Sophie. Pre-lockdown she’d be with her boyfriend, college, work, bedroom etc. Now we’re watching a daily episode of Gilmore Girls. Its her favourite show and have heard a few people say we are Lorelai and Rory but I’m much funnier than Lorelai *coughs*

Bailey. Oh my needy boy Bailey. I’d forgotten that sometimes I’d walk to Sainsburys for one item just to have a break from him. This dog does not understand disabilities. Love me, love me! Stroke me BITCH! I do. Until my arm is swollen and I have to neck more Tramadol…

Yes, more time with our loved ones is a LOCKDOWN BONUS!

Right, that’s enough typing for now, body says no. But please let me know your lockdown bonuses for the next edition.

Have a good day!


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