Whoops I Did It Again

(That sounds familiar. Have I used that as a blog title before? Possibly, I say it often enough!)

Why?! Why would I think draft tweets would be a good place to store thoughts for my blog? WHY?! Anyone? Bueller?

Yes, I deleted them by mistake again. Bloody brain. Pre-accident if I did something wrong, I learned from it, didn’t do it again. Mostly. Not now love, NOW you don’t remember your mistakes, free to make them over and over again.

I was storing them on my phone in Notes but they were hidden among shopping lists and I got confused. Ah who am I kidding: the truth is, no matter where I write them, rarely understand or remember what it relates to!

Wonder what my next blog was supposed to be about. It’ll pop in my head next week.

Its 30 degrees today. Muggy. Too hot to type. Especially as neighbour over the back is playing some progressive house. If you know me, you know I’m the dancing queen. Kills me to stand/sit still if I hear music.

Sounds like someone is practising for a DJ set. A bloke is telling him what to do “stick it up! Go on, go! 4, 5! Max!”

Ah his name is Max. No wait, that might be volume.

Then it went really quiet so I shouted “HEY! Can you turn the music up?!” I was going to add “loving it!” but my voice sounded really loud and echo-y and all the other neighbours are probably thinking “that mental woman’s at it again”.

I want to pop round and stick a note through their door “hello, I’m a bit weird but harmless and if you’re having a party can I come?” but Sophie has come into garden and is saying a firm “NO! That’s such a weird thing to do!”

I said did you hear me shout about the music?! “Yes” and shook her head. Why are you shaking your head? “You! Shouting the music is too loud.” No! I shouted to turn it up! “Well usually when neighbours shout about music its because its too loud. They thought you said turn it down”.

Oh. Oh yes.

Anyway, its all irrelevant now because I’ve just figured out its not a DJ. There’s some pounding of pads and a lot of counting going on. Think it might be a personal trainer fitness thing. Ahhhh that would explain the 4, 5…max!

Fancy training in this heat. No need is there!

Come back tomorrow for another blog about nothing. Stay cool! x

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