The Boy Bailey

The Boy Bailey

It happened again. Where is he?! I was trying to quell the absolute fear but it was rising rapidly. Give him a minute, you know he’s deaf now, can’t hear you. He’s probably in the bushes eating fox shit.

But he wasn’t. How the hell did I lose him? I was at the local field. He was right in front of me heading down the hill. How to explain the set up to you. Didn’t think this blog post through, did I. Story of my life! Always been that person who gets to the end of the exam paper and then find out I skipped the ‘read all the questions FIRST’ bit.

I get to the bottom of the hill and there’s a tiny windy path with thick mud that I’m trying to avoid and overhanging brambles so it does take a while. I step out on to the track and…where is he?! He’s usually waiting for me, never lets me out of his sight after his last adventure (which you can read about here).

You tell yourself to panic but you can’t, not when its your pet or child. I start calling him, realising how futile that is but I can’t stop myself.

It felt like an hour but was probably 2 or 3 minutes. Which way to go?! Left or right? I don’t know why but I chose behind and went back the way I came. Made it back through the thick mud and brambles…and there he was, standing at the top of the hill with that oft seen panicked face and shaking legs. Witnessed it so many many times in his 13 years! He’s such a doofus.

My friend Pen says Bailey is totally me and first of all I was “what?! He’s needy, stupid, scares easily, hates change to his routine (can’t cope with it,) wants constant attention and…” Oh. If the cap fits I suppose!

Ah well, never mind!

PS. He’s also cute, fiercely loyal and very loving!

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