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Just Another (Miserable) Manic, (Attempted Murdering) Monday – Part Two

The Attempted Murder Bit

Dropped Sophie at college. Nice uneventful journey. Missed a call from bubble friend and called her back before pulling away. Not my smartest move as I’d parked on double yellows, next to a “No stopping” sign, outside a police station. Life on the edge.

We cancelled plans (cuppa tea in her garden, the excitement) because her son had a cough. Initially I said I’d still go, relived that I’d have a hour with her before going to mother’s house. Hopefully the body would be gone by the time I got there. But sure as night follows day, the guilt attack started. I’m a mother, I can’t put myself at risk just because I’d love to spend time with one of my oldest friends, pull yourself together, get over mother’s and try and help arrange the funeral.

I rang back and cancelled. Two days later she found out that both her and son were COVID positive. So the stepfather finally did do something good for me. His timely death might’ve prevented me catching it. Pleased to report friend and son are well.

I pulled away and had a nice easy journey back up the M32 until I hit the ring road. Right, get comfy for this bit and apologies if it rambles and you can’t make head nor tail of it. Welcome to my world!

There were four lanes of traffic at the crossroads junction. One lane to go left, three to go straight on but the third one merged into the second about 100 yards along.

The speed limit was 50mph and as I approached, the lights turned green so I kept going. I was already in the third lane, two lanes of traffic were stationary. I still can’t believe this happened but a parked BMW pulled right out in front of me and I missed him by inches as I barked hard. I beeped my horn. Furious. And then something like my worst nightmare happened.

Mr BMW blatantly didn’t like me beeping at him. He pulled into the left hand lane and as I overtook him he moved his car into mine. I braked, shat my pants (not literally, yet) and he pulled out in front of me. And he keeps braking so that I’ll smash into him. I pulled into the left hand lane, so did he. I pulled into right hand lane, so did he and every single time I tried to overtake he tried to drive into me.

I was shaking like a leaf. Heart absolutely pounding. Could not believe this was happening. He’s deliberately trying to smash into me! Like an actual nightmare. All because I dared to beep my horn.

This went on for approximately three quarters of a mile until we came to red traffic lights. I pulled the handbrake so hard before I’d even stopped, flew out of the car, adrenalin pumping, entire body shaking. He locked his car, sat there and filmed me. What a fuckin coward. Bully behind a wheel. I was in absolute shock yelling lots off expletives at him. “What the FUCK are you doing?! You could’ve fucking killed me!” And he just sat there, no expression on his face, phone held up, filming me acting like a screaming banshee. So I look like the mental one, even though the cap fits. The actual see you next tuesday.

I got back in car and made it home. He’d turned off at the traffic light junction. Could not stop shaking. Heart pounding. I rang 101 and reported his ass. There’s road rage and then there’s attempted murder. Nothing they can do unless I have evidence. They’ll pull him over if they see him and have a word but that’s that. Great. He’s got me acting like a lunatic on his phone but I did tell the police I got out and lost it. Not that that makes it better but I was honest. Have no choice with this flipping brain damage. Lying is a lost art, haha!

A death and a potentially near death experience and it was only 9.15am. Oh Monday, you are a one.

To be Cont’d…/

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