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Woke at 8.50am to phone ringing. Again. Friend after eggs. Must change the Do Not Disturb times on my phone. To forever.

Yesterday told her I’d found 12 eggs in the boot of car and now I have about 30 but most nearly out of date. We had the floating egg conversation and then she said she could take some off my hands. I’ll leave them on my doorstep, I said. (I’m taking risk to life seriously here. Plus I don’t do conversations until after at least one coffee).

Managed to use 6 yesterday. Meringues, custard and 3 fried eggs. Versatile little things aren’t they. Defrosted some raspberries and blackberries (that I picked last year) and shall make turnovers this evening. Might see if Sophie wants to skip mains. I could. No appetite right now.

Monday and Tuesday this week were pretty quiet affairs. On Tuesday morning I thought the shops would be empty. How foolish am I?! I bumped into Hannah in Poundland. She was after sanitiser (no chance) and I was after new reading glasses. Squashed mine the night before. Laughed so hard I fell back and sat on them*. As you do! Stocked up on a few pairs, always losing/breaking them.

We didn’t chat for long because we’re not stupid, but afterwards I thought how sad that we didn’t hug and kiss hello and goodbye. Strange times.

Later that afternoon I went to Wilcos. Stocked up on seeds, and compost, ready to grow a few veg and herbs in pots. Wish me luck because my fingers are definitely not green. Apart from an orchid I’ve never kept any other plant alive my whole life. Ah well, first time for everything. I hope!

In Wilcos I asked at the till if I could take the little basket on wheels out to the car. She shouted down the aisle and a woman said “no, its security tagged”. Then looked at me and said “where’s your car?” Only this level, I said. “Okay you can”, she said. Glad I passed her ‘looks like a decent sort test’.

When I took it back I said thanks ever so much. She said “well we’ve got no trolleys. The buggers have nicked every single one!”. What?! Someone’s nicked them? “Yeah. All of em! They cost £200 each and head office won’t let us have any more”.

Wow. Who would’ve thought a trolley would cost £200 and why are people nicking them? To smash windows with at a later date?! Oh dear.

Tuesday evening I read a report that said I was high risk of COVID-19. On two counts.

Self-Isolation Day 1

Its weird how my brain has now gone panic! Housebound! You won’t be able to go out & do things! Its going to be hell! And then I remembered that self-isolation is no problem whatsoever, had 4 years of practice. And why am I kidding myself that I’m going to miss having an action packed life when I’m usually done in after a mid-afternoon dog walk haha?! (Its 4pm and my feet are up). Mental.

I do love how “low skilled” workers, the shop assistants and delivery drivers are now absolutely crucial and getting the admiration they deserve. And so much respect for nurses, doctors and all medical staff who have no choice but to face this virus head on.

Self-Isolation Day 2

Decided to tick something off my never ending list. Try and sell the Virtual Reality Googles that I bought a few weeks back. Did a blog post, posted them on Twitter and FB and not one enquiry yet. Selling is really not my thing. Thank goodness I didn’t get talked into buying even more. Maybe when the lockdown boredom becomes too much for you I’ll try and push them under your nose again.

Had a quick dog walk this afternoon but too many people around. Park was empty yesterday. A fair few groups of teenagers in it today. They don’t care do they. You think you’re invincible when you’re a teenager.

As Sophie I and walked around the pond and I started to tell her something she said “I’VE HEARD THIS STORY 10 TIMES NOW!” and it only happened yesterday. Genuinely feel sorry for her being cooped up with me in isolation! To me it feels like its the first time I’m saying it or telling a story. Going to drive her nuts in the coming months. Again!

Ah I’ve let my cup of tea go cold typing this. Shall microwave rather than waste another teabag. Waste not, want not!

Good health to you x

* You probably won’t find it funny but we were on my bed and Bailey was drinking water from his bowl. Sophie said something about how gross his slurping was and what a mess he was making and I said shhhh! He’ll hear you! He’ll get you back! jokingly. And with that he stopped drinking, gave her a sideways glance, trotted off to her bedroom and walked up and down the length of her bed putting his chin on it, dripping water on it hahaha. He never goes in her bedroom as he gets locked in and I went LOOOOOOOK! I TOLD YOU! And we laughed at his audacity. My stomach actually hurt and we needed that. You had to be there 🙂

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