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My phone rings. Why is it ringing? What time is it?! I have ‘Do No Disturb’ set between 11pm and 8.15am. Nobody booty-calls me anyway these days but, you know, just in case.

Its Sophie’s dad, Kane.

“I got the time wrong! Its [online conference/AGM] at 10am, not 11am!”

“mmmphhhhffffhh” I replied. And tried to come around all the while thinking no chance, what time is it, I need coffee. Same first thoughts I have most mornings.

Must have had 11 hours sleep. Madness. A lifelong insomniac/night owl pre-accident. Now I have no trouble nodding off. Chronic fatigue and bloody great meds.


Whatsapp from Kane ‘Sorry I screwed up it does start at 11!!’

I was sharing his teamviewer to watch an online conference/AGM that had been cancelled due to Corona Virus. He’d bought a ticket, I didn’t, so bonus for me. There is no way I could go to an event with loud music and whooping these day. Brain says no. Actually it says you can go if you want but brace yourself for a meltdown, it will happen.

‘And it’s going to be in the partner portal for everyone now!’

‘Oh. But I want to move your mouse around and annoy you’


Trying to find a pen.


Pen, back of an envelope to write on, cup of tea and chocolate digestives and I’m ready. They’re my emergency pack to replace the emergency cookies I bought last weekend and ate. Could be a long few months ahead for me. And my waistline.

The AGM/conference thing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Nice and simple but inspiring and motivating. Managed to make a few notes. Started getting a bit glazed over in the middle and then this one appeared

Sophie had taken him for a walk and got soaked. I’d hidden in bedroom but he barged in. Nothing quite like stroking a soaking wet dog, on your bed, when you’re trying to concentrate.

“Bailey! I need to watch this!”

“Don’t give a shit mum, love me”

He doesn’t understand my multi-tasking abilities are long gone, distant memories. Bless him.

The conference ended and I lost the next few hours writing a blog.


I’ve written a blog and cannot believe the time. Surely it didn’t take me hours? Felt like half an hour. Apart from the chocolate digestives, I haven’t eaten yet.

To the kitchen, Sophie who preps the veg. I made a cheese sauce for the cauliflower. Added to that roast potatoes, homemade yorkshire puddings from the freezer, fresh carrots, peas and stuffing. But my gawd I long for a piece of lamb sometimes [SORRY SOPHIE!].

The leftovers of this meat free roast (of which the novelty is wearing off) are enough for dinner tomorrow which is a result as that’s a tiny bit saved for my energy bank. Or collection of spoons. If you know, you know.

I don’t have the money (or big enough freezer) to stockpile for months. So I need to be clever and make sure every food piece gets used. No wastage. No changing our minds because we ‘fancy something else’. Been quite good like that for a while but there’s always the odd night I say “exhausted, chippy?”


Tried to take Bailey for a walk but he was having none of it. Fine by me! Could not stop yawning.

Had a peak at Twitter but its a scary read right now isn’t it? Most people saying the same thing. Shut the country down! Can’t look for long though, feel my heart start doing its weird miss a beat thing. Need distraction.

I’m torn between making meringues now (and divine custard with the leftover yolks) or should I wait until we hit peak shit corona virus times and then have something to look forward to. Decisions, decisions but pain won.


Decide to write a daily blog instead to get my ‘never that far from the edge’ mental health safely through this. I need something to focus on with a deadline to make me do it because sometimes I really can’t force myself to do things. And working to a deadline is exciting isn’t it? (Humour me haha).

If you’ve got any stockpiling tips, kindness hints, recipes or anything you’d like to get off your chest, please leave a comment below 🙂

See you tomorrow x

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