Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 9

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Woke up feeling like death. Weird thing with Fibromyalgia is I wake up every day feeling hungover or like I’m about to go down with the flu. Horrible. Why I rarely drink these days. Feel like I do anyway but without the good bits.

Then S rang and I could barely put a coherent speech together. He does like an early morning call. I am not a morning person. Different time zones.

14:45pm Robert wants a 3 min video. Ummmm….no. It is tempting though. But convinced he’s not a real person, he’s one of ‘them’. Them being those who have been stalking tweets to smear me with. [See ‘My Accident Parts 1 to 16’ for context. Make sure you use the loo & get yourself a cuppa before you start]

14:48pm I’ve managed to get a free Kindle link on FB & a product on Twitter. Took photos of more CDs. Oh a bid! Two people fighting over the George Ezra CD. Okaaaay.

14:49pm quick check of Sadie’s Outlook & tweet some guff on her behalf & back to Ebay I think.

15:09pm Sadie is being particular with her Twitter follows – the higher their number of followers the better. Its not good for my ADHD though. Tedious [again, check My Accident!]. Then came across this bio:

“Horny 40 year old man, secret account for dirty fun. If I fav it, it made me hard. If I follow you, I jerk off to you” 

I’ll pass thanks.

Okay, don’t get side-tracked writing this, get back to it. I didn’t mention the disgusting DM from someone the other day and I blocked them. Will try & see if its still there. Rookie error to block wasn’t it. STOP THINKING AS YOU, WHEN YOU’RE BEING SADIE. SADIE WOULD’VE REPLIED!

15:14pm OH FFS! I found a bloke with pants fetish in his bio but Bailey started huffing & puffing at me & shoved laptop onto the floor with his nose & I lost the first pantie loving/sniffing bloke I’ve found! Give me strength.

15:15pm dog walk time. Because he says so.

5:05pm  CD uploads to Ebay. Better check Sadie’s tweets again
Twitter followers: 73
Sales: Big Fat Zero

Quick peek at Sadie’s Twitter timeline and oh my! The size of asses these days. Kim Kardashian has inspired women to have a cartoon butt. But its got us all off the skinny walking dead look. Oh & another one.

6:19pm  listing on Ebay zzzzz


TFs: 78

So much porn on my TL and none of its sexy in the slightest. Some of it is pretty grim. Its making me feel like a prude. A weary prude. If only I could pretend to be someone else. That’s all I need to do. Why is it so hard.

8:40pm enough, need a break

To be Continued…/

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