Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 8

Tuesday 27 November

16:33pm Back at it
Sales: 0
Twitter followers: 61
Right, going to focus on getting new followers. And that means finding & posting a sex gif *sighs*


Sales: 0
TFs: 62

This is dire. And a little bit embarrassing. Not so great for the old self-confidence. Keep being told there’s a market for everyone, all ages, all shapes & sizes. Except me *tiny bit sad face*

Friday 28 November 2018

Original Mr ‘do you want to see a pic of my cock’ is back “hi”.  Not tonight.

Sales: 0
TFs: 70

Saturday 1 December 2018

This is a little bit soul destroying. The self-doubt and my usual anxiety kicked in. Focused on selling old stuff on Ebay and getting to the woods whenever possible. My sanctuary.

11:19am  Starting the day with 0 sales. Brilliant. There’s a pukey message in my emails but this morning is all about Ebay. Will try & rustle up some deviants later.

15:24pm I’m looking at the account of a woman who has 25k followers & seems to get gifts every day.  She’s criticising feminists & is anti-PC. Oh gawd I don’t know if I can do this. These aren’t my people. But they might be Sadie’s people, you idiot.  *sighs*

Monday 3 December

19:51pm Everything is such harder work since brain injury. I see words and read them but I don’t understand them. Trying to find IBAN numbers and work out how to use Amazon links has taken FOREVER.  I don’t retain new information. I see it/read it/hear it, but can’t hold on to it. It goes instantly.

Right, one post on FB, two tweets on Twitter. Must increase followers. I’m now an Amazon Associate 🙂

19:52pm Time to be Sadie. She needs to do an anti-feminist rant.

21:52pm  No time for Sadie to rant. Amazon linking took over and forgot. Can only focus on one thing at a time now. I yearn for the days when I could multi-task. I was good at it. Now I can’t even write and have music on at the same time in the background. Or talk on the phone with music/tv playing/dog barking. Can only hear one sound at a time otherwise they all jumble and I hear none.

Few RTs from her & some following, then back to my account for a mass follow spree.

21:54pm Best turn online chat on SP.  You never know. Miracles can happen.

22.45pm OMG Sadie has an outlook message from Robert! Exciting! What does it say?! It says “do you have any videos for sale.”  FFS.  It was dated 28th Nov. Whoops. Sent a reply saying no but can get some underwear to you by the weekend.

Bet someone has already sold him some. You snooze, you lose, you idiot.

Tuesday 4 December

10:30am  Up & at em getting the Amazon links posted, a vodka post on Twitter & FB and then a free Kindle offer on FB.  Must start blogging today.

Anyone tried these? Look too good to be true

11:00am Robert has emailed – doesn’t have a safe address I can post knickers to otherwise he’d have the lot. Can only have videos or pics without his wife knowing. So I said I can squeeze a pair into an empty DVD case. Where there’s a willy there’s a way!

12:00pm  Cousin’s. To listen to her moan about family. Nothing recent. Stuff that happened ages ago, not that she holds a grudge or anything. One benefit of brain injury and being told I’m lucky to be alive is that I manage to let a lot of stuff go these days. No grudges. Be positive, get rid of the negative, like attracts like. Well that and because I forget 🙂

14:00pm Turkey leg, bung it in the slow cooker with carrots, onion, garlic, thyme & potatoes

14:40pm Dog walk at the woods. My heaven/haven.

15:30pm  Robert says its a video he’s after, doesn’t have to show my face in it. Hmmm wonder if Robert could work for an insurance company by any chance. Bet they’d love to smear me with that. Completely ignoring the fact that their lying asses are the reason why I’m doing this.

16:15pm Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not sure where to start first. Bailey jumps on my lap to stop Sophie sitting next to me & even more difficult to type like this.

18:03pm Head hurts. Been trying to get through the education centre posts on Amazon. Domain names, CMS (what?!).host server (what?!).

Logged on to WordPress, checked out their upgrade plans (first one is £36 – might just wait until some money comes in) & added a nice pink background. So I’ve achieved that today *eye rolls*

18:06pm need a break.

To Be Continued…/

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