Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

For Her

I know, I know Valentines Day is all about profit for the card companies, its too commercial, yet still you’ll do it, right?! For a variety of different reasons I’m sure. Some of you might be in the first flushes of love, the romance game is still strong. Some of you might be in a rather advanced stage of love & hope your gift will guarantee a promise. And so on.

I’ve been single forever. Can’t even remember the last Valentines Gift I received. No, please don’t feel sorry for me, I’m very happy! Tried dating but its never going to work when I keep forgetting everything. Including emotions.

But anyway, for those of you feeling the love and wanting to express it with something a little more heartfelt than a box of Matchmakers but can’t be arsed to walk to the shops, here are some ideas for you.

I would be over the moon with this. Not expensive, not garish, not going to wilt in a vase after a couple of days and leave you with that foul dead flowers stench. Although you might not have ever smelt that if yours come from Interflora and not a Shell Garage forecourt. You lucky lady you!

Staying on the Rose Gold:

Now this would be my choice, beautiful and elegant. I know you can’t put lipstick on a pig but I’d really like to give it a go.

Why not go all out and for a change and sprinkle fake petals everywhere. Surprise each other. You only live once. What you want is some boombastic romantic that won’t leave stains on the sheets. From the petals obviously

How cute is this? Must stop with the bracelets now, could go on forever. Oh, like your love!

Value for Money Gifts

For the Ladies

As if! Don’t be a tight arse. She picks up your dirty underwear.

Value For Money Gifts

For the Gentleman

Mark your territory with this. I mean show your kooky, cute side…umm…

This might be cheaper than therapy:

Get him this! And then scoff the lot

Beard moisturiser. BEARD MOISTURISER hahaha!

Back to Gifts for Her

I know that not every woman would be happy with these but yes please. I’d even let you have one out of every jar.

These last few should guarantee brownie points

And there you go. At the click of a button, no drama, all delivered before the day.

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