1. Write an Unpopular Blog

You know the one. I still stand by it. Don’t sleep with married men you meet via twitter and then out others as dangers. The message probably wasn’t relayed perfectly (the “written by a toddler” comment still stings, well done you) but there we go.

The whole thing stung and was a great lesson in online fakery. These people who pretend to be your friends (some for years!) and then all pile on is really shocking. If you’ve never been on the other end of a twitter pile on its hard to explain what its like to see your phone flashing constantly with venom. Especially if you’ve a lifelong anxiety sufferer with a limited vocabulary these days.

The thing that was killing me the most was that these people have shared a lot of my life with me over the previous years. SURELY they know who I am? Nope. Blocked blocked blocked. Another lesson learned.

It was a bad morning anyway (waiting for a family member’s cancer diagnosis) and I couldn’t explain in words how I thought I was being misunderstood. So I said please, I can’t cope! (with processing), I’ve had a brain injury. And do you know what that did? IT MADE THEM WORSE. “She’s playing the victim!!” And that was from people I really did think were friends. Honestly, you’d think I’d drowned a sack of kittens. Truly hideous day.

And yet each and every one of them will share mental health awareness tweets. Go figure.

2. Tell People How You Managed to Get Your Google Ads Disabled Previously

Since my accident I appear to see the world a bit differently these days. Never did have much of a filter and now have zero filters. I wrote a Google ad Blog back about my ads being disabled in March (and the method of how & why – duh!!) hoping someone else had been in this position and knew a magic way to get the ads reinstated. The whole point of my blog is to try and make some income in the limited ways I have available to me. )Read “About Me” for a full list of disabilities if you’re bored).

Being a complete simpleton it didn’t occur to me back then that not everyone is a normal, nice person.

So you’ll never guess what, this particular blog was specifically searched for. Right after the hoo-haa of the Danger blog. Its great having your own website, I can see all the search words and statistics.

I wonder who could possibly have got my ads disabled this time around? And I gave them the tools to do so. Who would try and bring someone down because they wrote a blog they didn’t like?! To scarper my chances of a better life basically. I say better, average is nice.

She did threaten to get my whole site closed but I really didn’t think she’d be that petty and nasty. I’m wrong a lot.

Wasn’t sure whether to write this blog, give them the satisfaction of ‘winning’, let them know they succeeded and they’ve got to me. I should be absolutely on the floor, but luckily for me I’m on good meds these days(!) and found alternative ways to monetize blog without Google’s help. Ways they can’t interfere with. Because I won’t broadcast it(!) And the return is higher! Better luck next time.

And that, my (fake and real) friends, is winning. Finally in the headspace where I can get knocked down but can get up again. Happy days!

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