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    Wheel less – Week 11 (Possibly!)

    Although, do you find when wearing ear phones you sing out loud involuntarily and only realise on the high screechy note but its too late, your neighbour would have heard it. Probably rang RSPCA thinking some animal was being strangled/mutilated.

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    Wheelless – Week 4

    Along the way I was bitten by something and someone is going to have some lovely CCTV footage of me scratching my boob all up their front path.

  • Life,  My Week

    Wheelless: Week 3

    Next thing the back door opens and a policewoman grabbed Sophie and threw her on the seat and they're still shouting and yelling and rocking! I was shaking, huge adrenalin rush. Remember when police used to HELP you find your…

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    Case Adjourned

    I jumped up NO! NO! IT'S TOO STRESSFUL! I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN!" and stormed/hobbled to the door, crying now, turned back and shouted "AND THAT'S WHY YOU DO THIS!" and walked out.

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    The One Where I Lied to A Friend

    This is not a 'change my mind for me' piece of writing, I'm sick to death of reading/hearing/thinking about it. After this the word is not coming out of my mouth or off my fingers. Right, here goes...

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    My Accident – Part 14

    Its now 2017, over a year since accident and I'm back in doctor's office (my second home) telling him right wrist is still agony and can barely use right hand. Constantly swollen and painful. Off I went for more MRIs.…

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    Easy, Cheap, One-handed Meals

    I mean yeah, it doesn't look like it came from the kitchen of a Michelin starred restaurant but it tasted good. Works out at 70p a head based on six servings.

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    Healthy Meals You Can Make One Handed

    I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right wrist. I can use my right hand for about 5 seconds before the pain is agonising. I'm lucky my daughter does the prepping but she's not always here with her busy…

  • JC,  Sadie

    What JC Did Next – Part 4

    Now where was I before Part 3 - oh yes, the pain. After not being able to move/bake anything for four months I realised a baker's life maybe wasn't to be. I had the enthusiasm and love of baking but…

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