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Thursday 1 October 2020


Sophie & I are still on the park bench loving life, really cheering each other up.

We don’t decide what we find funny, its instinctive, right?! Because coming up the path on the left were two sets of people with their dogs. On the right, one person and his dog. As they were about 15 metres away I…farted and instantly jumped up, rushed to the other side of the path and yelled “OMG SOPHIE! THAT’S DISGUSTING! Uggggh! How could you?!” and as they all approached I did a big “UGGGH! THAT STINKS!”

I was roaring. Sophie couldn’t get a word out the entire time because she was doubled up hysterical, tears falling. I’m laughing now remembering it! Ah you had to be there! She doesn’t usually find fart jokes funny, she’s a bit prim and proper!

Something so simple as a normal bodily function brought me back to reality. This is what’s important. Real life. Spending time together and laughing. Laughter is the best medicine. Although we’re not slacking on the time together, could not have asked for a better lockdown buddy.

I felt so much better. Be gone from my head the Twitter criticism from earlier this morning. I knew what I had to do. Someone wrecking my business through spite (read about it HERE), because I had a different opinion to them has finally made me see the light. Get off Twitter, its seriously bad for your mental health. I did later that day, read about it HERE.

We were just about to leave when we heard a very strange rustling, tapping noise behind us. We stayed silent, I was hoping for a woodpecker, but no, a squirrel ran up the trunk and sat on a branch directly above us. Eating what looked like a pork bone!

We oohed and ahh-ed and then we left and I dropped Sophie at college. I told her she was winning at life already, appreciating the small things, loving nature. She kept saying how happy she was and what a lovely day it is. And it was.

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