Oops I Did It Again

Could use that title for every single blog post really. Thanks Britney.

Yes, I did it again. Tweeted something that didn’t translate as well as it did in my head.

Here’s my reality now post brain damage: I say things or type things but I don’t think prior to them spewing out. Rarely did before but its worse now. Genuinely wake up in the morning and hope for the best most days. The problem is that when I’m challenged on anything, I can’t think forward or back. Its all present. What did I mean? Why are they reading it wrong? I don’t know! And whereas before brain damage I would wipe the floor with you(!) if I felt even a tiny bit slighted or misunderstood, now I instantly panic. Not a single thought will be going around my head except “WORDS! FUCKIN HELL WHERE ARE YOU?!” Stomach feels sick, brain shuts down. Anxiety. I’ll ignore your tweets/messages /phone calls and beat myself up for the rest of the day wishing I could be like the normal boys and girls.

The tweet in question was about transwomen. I am 100% against Gender SELF ID. Its not transwomen I’m worried about, its the men who will abuse this. We need safe spaces and the Equality Act BECAUSE of men. Not all men, but a lot. Stop the madness.

I’m going in to retreat mode right now. No more tweeting. How many times have I said that? Currently 14 tweets in Twitter mentions relating to this and I’ve got the fear. I’ll read (but not reply!) tomorrow. Already ruined my own day enough. I pegged it to the woods.

I Can’t Get No-ooo, Med-i-ta-tion

No! There was someone in ‘my’ secret parking space. I couldn’t just get out, walk 10 feet and plonk my camp chair down as usual. Off I went to the main parking area and as its too painful to carry chair far, I decided to go and find ‘my’ log instead. There was someone sat on it. Probably the same people who were in ‘my’ parking space.

What to do, desperately needed to meditate and find some inner peace but knowing people were around I knew it would be impossible to focus. Plus I’ve started to get into the chanting after and no one needs to hear that hahaha! Its all because I watched ‘Fifth Encounters of the Close Kind: Contact Has Begun’ on Prime last week. Its amazing! Now trying to reach my higher state of conscious ( I get there sometimes) so I can contact aliens. Watch it!

I returned home. Still feeling a bit aaayyy and a bit ohhhh I thought I’ll pop round Pen’s to watch footie, see if he’s finished work, that will centre me. I’ll just turn the shower on and then walk downstairs and forget I turned it on until about 25 MINUTES LATER! I’m *sob* on a water meter *sob*

Hey Jude

Arrive at Pen’s. Arsenal v Tottenham and the crowd were singing loudly: “naaaa naa naaa nananaNAAA, Heeeeey Jude“. Just what I needed. Music gives me life. Part of my daily self care routine. Phoebe, one of his cats plonked herself on my lap and there’s a bowl of chocolate in front of me. Perfect.

I was there the night before (I can’t afford Skysports!) watching the Brentford v Liverpool game. At one point Pen shouted “the keeper has got a boner!!” I gave him the side eyes, thinking how did he see that? They did a slow mo replay and I still couldn’t see it. Why is he looking at their willies?! Well a few minutes later he said it again and I said “how did you see that?” and it turns out he wasn’t saying the keeper has a boner, he was saying “the keeper did a rabona” which is the technique of kicking the football where the kicking leg is crossed behind the back of the standing leg. Oh how we laughed. I’m laughing now, remembering it!

I’m So Excited

But sadly my excitement is not for everyone. Have you seen the energy crisis on the news? Everyone’s bills are going to rocket. Or their energy company is going out of business. Unless you’re a Utility Warehouse customer!

  • Firstly, the structure of our wholesale energy agreement means that the cost of the energy we buy is protected against pricing volatility, both today and in the future.
  • Secondly, we’re more than just an energy provider. We have a unique multiservice offer that also spans broadband, mobile and insurance. This generates a number of different revenue streams and means we’re not solely reliant on energy.
  • And finally, we’ve always taken a long-term approach to pricing while still offering competitive tariffs to all our customers. We’ve spent the last 25 years building a stable and sustainable business, and we plan to be around for many decades to come.

We’re currently the only place you can get a fixed price contract.

I don’t have many days where I’m feeling energised or motivated (see My Accident) but currently firing on all rockets today. Being able to save people money (GUARANTEED!) makes me so happy. I wrote a letter asking the neighbors if they’d like to beat the energy crisis. I managed to deliver them to one road behind my house but they’re huge detached properties and not sure if they’ll be bothered about potential savings. Time will tell!

I gave up when I tripped up someone’s doorstep and slammed my head into their front door. Honestly, its a miracle I have any working brain cells left!

If you’d like a guaranteed to save you money quote that won’t cause me any physical damage(!) have a look here or call or text me on 07941070494

I don’t know how to end this post. More words needed. Ummm…might’ve used up my brainpower for today. Ah well, never mind! x

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