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‘Whatever I Did, Whatever I Said, I Didn’t Mean it, I Just Want You Back For Good’

Me, to my Google ads

It was all going to so well. The My Money diary on the BBC website sent thousands of readers to my blog. And read it they did. Over 20k hits and still going. Although admittedly in the hundreds now not thousands.

Bloody brilliant! Was on cloud 9. Until Google thought, hang on a minute, these website traffic numbers aren’t normal, lets suspend our adverts while we investigate.

And just like that, my high euphoria of earning money while I write (THE DREAM) went way down low. Four days in a row had lots of ad revenue. The fourth day was only £16.85 but that’s still good for doing nothing except sit on my jacksie and I’d be happy earning that daily, 7 days a week. But Google said no.

I’ll never get such huge exposure for my blog again. Can’t tell you how gutted I am that everyone saying “Start a GoFund Me!” was met with oh no, I don’t want charity, I want to earn my money!

Pen installed a Donate button but it feels like modern day begging and by its lack of use, I’m going to guess a lot of other people feel the same way. I took off the buy me coffee thing because boy do they take their slice.

I had no idea Google were in charge like this. Maybe if I’d read the Terms & Conditions I would’ve. I might’ve read them and forgot. Did I mention I’ve had a brain injury?(!) Apparently I’m not allowed to click on my own ads. Did not know this. Clicked on two by accident and one that I wanted to see what it was (can’t remember).

My next crime was telling people hey, don’t give me money, read my blogs, click my ads, that’s good enough for me! Let me earn it! Again, I didn’t realise you’re not allowed to tell people to click your ads. So for the last three days my figures have stood at £0.00 and I’m trying not to cry. Thought I’d finally cracked it, found a money making opportunity with my limited abilities. Nope.

I’ll have to write a book and charge instead. But people might not buy it and I quite liked how you didn’t have to pay to read my blog, the ads paid for you.

AH WELL, NEVER MIND Onwards. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And apparently in my case again and again and again.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I’ll do the same! x


  • Anna

    Hello Joy,

    I’ve been enjoying what you’ve been writing so I’ve just given you a little something as a thank you. I came here via the BBC article you wrote (which I just read yesterday) 🙂

    Stay safe and keep up the good work!



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