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    HELP! I Need Some Assistance Please

    First thing: Can we make this into something? Shall I collect addresses by DM of mothers in dire need? Can I give you a mother's details by DM and you donate a tin? Or send me the money and I'll…

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    Art By Dan Robbins

    This beautiful painting caught my eye on Instagram when @gembocakes posted a portrait by her friend Dan Robbins,. Really pulled me in, loving his work, needed to know more and luckily Dan had plenty to say about it! Words by…

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    Life Lessons From 2021

    "NO!" He said. "She's here now, come in, come in". As I stood there thinking oh no, no, no, please no, oh this is so bloody awkward. I didn't even want to come really! It was only because he knocked…

  • Life

    You Do You and I’ll Do Me!

    I watched a Netflix documentary called "The Social Dilemma" which explores the dangers of social networking through interviews with tech experts. Highly recommended viewing.

  • Life

    The One Where I Lied to A Friend

    This is not a 'change my mind for me' piece of writing, I'm sick to death of reading/hearing/thinking about it. After this the word is not coming out of my mouth or off my fingers. Right, here goes...

  • Life

    Family *rolls eyes to high heaven*

    You Can’t Do That! “You’ll cause so much trouble!” my cousin C said. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember her exact words but it was something along the lines of you can’t do that, you’ll blow everything up…

  • Life

    Oops I Did It Again

    I gave up when I tripped up someone's doorstep and slammed my head into their front door. Honestly, its a miracle I have any working brain cells left!

  • The Boy Bailey

    The Boy Bailey

    It happened again. Where is he?! I was trying to quell the absolute fear but it was rising rapidly. Give him a minute, you know he’s deaf now, can’t hear you. He’s probably in the bushes eating fox shit. But…

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