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    One Step Forward, Two Shaky Steps Back

    Nothing new there you might say – and you’d be right Where to begin. The water that spilt on my four month old laptop and killed it was probably the start and it all snowboarded downhill from there really. (I…

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    My Brain Injury And Me

    How boring is that?! Imagining you've planted seeds. 18yo me would be absolutely mortified. And 40 year old me to be honest. Its only since I've been getting funeral plans through the post this gardening thing happened! Jokes. It was…

  • Ghost Posts,  Life

    The Ghost Posts – Part 5

    The day we moved out (see My Accident: Part 1) I was sat in the kitchen, boxes piled high. One of the removal men was already freaking out because he thought he saw his mate go in the bathroom but…

  • Ghost Posts,  Life

    The Ghost Posts: Part 3

    I got up, turned the light on and sat there basically crapping myself (metaphorically) until daylight. Weird thing though, when I got out of bed and looked down my inner thighs were covered in lots of of tiny bruises. And…

  • Ghost Posts,  Life

    The Ghost Posts

    Part One: Never Underestimate The Power of Fear That’s what the scientist bloke said on the Battersea Poltergeist podcast with Danny Robins. That was his response to pots and pans flying around a room (often smashing against walls) witnessed by…

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    Lockdown Life

    I miss my nephew. Have I mentioned that?(!) He’s going to be three in April and I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2019 when he was one. How’s he going to know I’m his favourite aunty if I never see…

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    Last Minute Gift Ideas

    For children, Sproutzilla Vs Christmas and The Return of Sproutzilla by Tom Jamieson are brilliant. Perfect for a Christmas Eve Box.

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