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    Art By Dan Robbins

    This beautiful painting caught my eye on Instagram when @gembocakes posted a portrait by her friend Dan Robbins,. Really pulled me in, loving his work, needed to know more and luckily Dan had plenty to say about it! Words by…

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    Life Lessons From 2021

    "NO!" He said. "She's here now, come in, come in". As I stood there thinking oh no, no, no, please no, oh this is so bloody awkward. I didn't even want to come really! It was only because he knocked…

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    You Do You and I’ll Do Me!

    I watched a Netflix documentary called "The Social Dilemma" which explores the dangers of social networking through interviews with tech experts. Highly recommended viewing.

  • Life

    The One Where I Lied to A Friend

    This is not a 'change my mind for me' piece of writing, I'm sick to death of reading/hearing/thinking about it. After this the word is not coming out of my mouth or off my fingers. Right, here goes...

  • Life

    Family *rolls eyes to high heaven*

    You Can’t Do That! “You’ll cause so much trouble!” my cousin C said. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember her exact words but it was something along the lines of you can’t do that, you’ll blow everything up…

  • Life

    Oops I Did It Again

    I gave up when I tripped up someone's doorstep and slammed my head into their front door. Honestly, its a miracle I have any working brain cells left!

  • The Boy Bailey

    The Boy Bailey

    It happened again. Where is he?! I was trying to quell the absolute fear but it was rising rapidly. Give him a minute, you know he’s deaf now, can’t hear you. He’s probably in the bushes eating fox shit. But…

  • Life

    One Step Forward, Two Shaky Steps Back

    Nothing new there you might say – and you’d be right Where to begin. The water that spilt on my four month old laptop and killed it was probably the start and it all snowboarded downhill from there really. (I…

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