Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 6

Friday 23 November 2018

12:30pm  Jo pops round for a cuppa, tell her about the mis-sent email to an unknown S, we laugh, she leaves, I feel bereft.

13:46 Been trying to attract more followers on Twitter. Up to 38 now.  Need thousands. The amount of filth on my TL though is bleugh.  Ah well, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Still no sales or requests on SP site. But not giving up yet. Will stay online until the wee hours tonight.

But right now I need to go food shopping. And its Black Friday. *insert more sighs*
Chip shop or farm shop/chip shop or farm shop hmmmmm

16:30 Sainsburys hell…

17:15 Back online. Tweeted pic of knickers then felt sick so deleted it. Again. Got to stop doing that. Keep saying to yourself its not me, its not me, its not me, its Sadie. *exhales loudly*

18:30 Picked up a few more followers. This is going to be a longer process than I thought. No quick overnight extra bit of cash. Oh gawd what if I sell nothing in 3 months. That’s not going to psychologically damage me. Much.

18:46 say goodbye to my proper tweeters, time to head over to other account unfortunately. Someone replied ‘You’ll get rumbled one day’. BRILLIANT. That’s helping. Its for research, not because I want to make some extra easy money. Because see above: nothing about it so far has been easy. Most of it is repulsing me. But I won’t/can’t give up yet.

19:03 Oh good – a DM only says “hi”. *sighs* Right, pull yourself together. Just call him babe or something.

19:05 After giving it some thought & finding  head empty I replied with “hi”.  Shaking head at myself.

19:07 oh that’s handy, “hi” guy has RT’d 3 of my tweets. That’s what I’m after.

19:22 Magically Delicious asks if horny is a lifestyle so I RT with ‘YES. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise’. *yawns*

19:23 After a large dick pic & offer of online sex, I’ve just had to type ‘sorry hun, only selling underwear, no extras [*voms*] Come & find me at SP’.

19:32 Could he possibly be my first purchaser….

19:41 From right ear to fingertips everything really hurts. Even under my arm.  Need a short break I think. Will stay online in case a miracle happens.

19:44 Dorum wants to know where I live. Where shall I say. London. He lives in Antalya. I reply ‘nice!’ Because can’t remember where it is. Need to brush up on my geography.

19:45 literally recoiling as I hit send. I’m off out now, I told him. So I’d best not tweet for a bit so I don’t get caught out. Give arm a rest anyway. It occurs to me that if CRPS does get worse & worse (that’s what they say), I NEED to get this written down now. No matter how much it hurts. While I still can.

20:20 Dorum has invited me to Antalya and sent full length of body, dick & close up of his face pictures and that’s tonight’s nightmares sorted.

20:21 Its like learning a different language.

20:35 So it seems that everyone in this weird twitter pocket find each other by liking and retweeting  ….porn tweets. Euuuuuggghhh

20:37 Trying to find the artiest porn pic. There aren’t any arty ones. Oh my.

20:39 Try to scroll up & down my TL really quick so I don’t see it all. *shudders* Oh so glad I also followed news & sports channels.

21:30 Simple John tells me to ‘toughen up, charge them £10 for a 15 min chat. It a business, not a hobby’. He’s got a very good point

0.03am Every tweet I send makes me cringe more each time. Waiting to get rumbled as a fake tweeter.  Still waiting on some Chat action. Waiting. 

00.14am Mark and his “hi” are in my DMs. Its gonna cost ya I say. Ok sorry, he says. Typical. But John’s right, give nothing away for free.

00:17am Doing that thing again where I lose this text and have a meltdown. Need sleep, early start with Sophie to look at a college.

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