Sadie & Her Knickers – Part 5

Thursday 22 November 2018

12:04pm Right wrist is throbbing, burning & swollen. That’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for you. Typing taking its toll. Was dreading a few things today but have done them. I remember when I could tell brain not to worry about things until it happened, its a waste of negative energy. Don’t seem to have that ability any more. But the phone calls, transfers & emails have been dealt with. Few things ticked off the list.

Need to go shopping but better send a few tweets on Sadie’s behalf, look at SP & her emails. Oh look, my TL has some anal going on today and its about now I realise I should’ve put Sadie’s Twitter account on my phone. Smaller screen.

1:08pm Finished an email to S giving him an insight into my marriage, trying to explain why I keep getting triggered. Still hasn’t given me his email address and the more I read it the more I think should I be telling him I’m this mental? Ah well.

2:02pm  I need to get more followers.  Need something witty that is going to get all the Retweets. But looking at my followers, the only thing they retweet are porn tweets. Good god, where is the romance?!

2:09pm Sadie sends a tweet about pleasuring herself and walking around the office with a moist gusset. Eww! Lets see if this brings any boys to the yard.

3:02pm.  It brought one. Bless Mark still popping up in my DMs with his hi darlings. Going to stop replying. He’s not getting my time for free. Ooh getting better at this already.  And this is what is worrying  me. I don’t want to change. I don’t to belong in this world.

3:05pm already starting to regret email to S.

5:49pm Email from S. Nothing in his inbox except Black Friday emails.  PHEW!! Not so phew, I sent it to another S. S dot, not S underscore. Oh shit. The cringe is strong. Be just my luck that S dot would know my ex!

6:16pm Change Sadie’s twitter profile. Again. She’s now fitfam, not findom. Which is just as well because since found out Findom is male. Femdom is female.

7:53pm Time to go online. And wait.
For about the gazillionth time I’ve changed my twitter profile. Trying to advertise my Englishness to our friends across the pond. 

8:10pm  Said it before & I’ll say it again: its a different world. I don’t know how to bring all the boys to my yard. Still haven’t developed my character properly.

8:13pm Amount of hours putting in for no return & I’m thinking would’ve rather spent the time retraining on Utility Warehouse. There’s not going to be anything funny to write about if no one ever finds me on SP Chat. *insert sighs*

11:11pm Opened chat. Waiting


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