• Life,  My Week

    Just Visiting

    So after a few weeks' absence I took a peak and it turns out that news with the extra bits is what makes my head hurt.

  • Life,  My Week

    Moving On – Bye Twitter

    Thursday 1 Oct 2020 8am to 10.30am Alarm went off at 8am and yes, thankfully I’d remembered to set timer on coffee machine last night. Shame I fell back to sleep and woke up at 8.45am when Sophie brought one…

  • Life,  My Accident

    My Accident – Part 6

    I was alone in hospital room with no television and only my phone for company. So I tweeted. A lot. Too much. Reaching out for distraction to quell the constant anxiety. My head was (understandably) all over the place. This…

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    Ready to Mingle?

    I do like taking on more than I can chew. The words are out/typed before I’ve processed them. I have a ‘want to help’ mentality without ever thinking it through! Have so much to do, currently chronically fatigued & pained…

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